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October 18, 2022

Creating content isn’t as easy as it seems; content marketers must struggle in this journey. From conducting an in-depth search of niches to exploring what competitors are doing, analyzing keywords, and developing a distinct tone and style, multiple factors are required from the bloggers’ end to create great content. Even after taking care of these essential ingredients, bloggers face issues in ensuring the uniqueness and quality of content they produce on time. 

If you are also facing such an issue, you should know about web-based utilities that can be vital in your blogging career. We are here with this article to showcase, one of the best platforms available over the web for the assistance of bloggers. 

Let’s explore how good it is and what it offers for bloggers.

Overview of

As the name of this platform suggests, assists bloggers in dealing with plagiarism. Plagiarism is an act of stealing someone else’s ideas, words, or concepts and presenting them in your own content. It is a highly discouraged act in the world of content, and it can lead blogs and bloggers to several negative consequences. You cannot deal with plagiarism without knowing if it exists in your content. This platform provides its users with an easy way to detect instances of duplication existing in their content. Besides detection, it also allows users to eliminate plagiarized phrases with its smart and advanced paraphrasing facility.

Top-Notch Tools It Offers for Bloggers

Being a one-stop solution for bloggers, offers the following facilities to its users.

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism detector available on this platform is the best tool you can get your hands on to detect instances of plagiarism. Its advanced algorithms make sure to examine each sentence and phrase in the uploaded text and let the users know the places where plagiarism exists. You can conduct as many plagiarism tests as you want with this plagiarism checker online. In the free version, you’ll have to face a restriction on the number of words you can check in one go. If you want to check more words, you can get a premium plan that suits your needs.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tool is another essential tool for bloggers that is offered on this web portal. Bloggers can utilize it for various reasons and get their hands on high-quality content in no time. You don’t need to worry about going through any hurdles to paraphrase online. Bloggers can paraphrase online to get rid of plagiarism, repurpose previously published content, and produce quality content instantly.

Distinctive Features of this Platform comes with a wide variety of features to aid bloggers in ensuring their content has optimum quality. Below are some of the prominent features that make this platform stand out from others. 

AI-Based Algorithms

The utilities offered on this platform are powered by AI-based algorithms that ensure outstanding results to the bloggers. The use of advanced technology in the development of its tools provides users with unique content with an existing piece of text while maintaining the current quality and context.

Super-Fast and Convenient

This platform is easily accessible from all over the globe. The users won’t face any hassle in the usage of its utilities. It doesn’t ask anyone to follow hard and fast rules to check for plagiarism or paraphrasing text. In addition, it generates and delivers results for all queries in seconds.

Downloadable Results

The plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool of this web portal offers easily downloadable results to bloggers. If you have run a plagiarism test on your blog and want to save the results in your directory as proof, you can download the plagiarism scan report with a single click. Similarly, the paraphrasing tool allows users to save their paraphrased text on their devices instantaneously.

No Registration Required

One of the best things we found in is that it doesn’t ask the users to go through the hassle of getting registered for using its utilities. You can start checking for plagiarism or paraphrasing text as soon as you access this platform.

Note: If you want to get a premium membership of this platform, then registration will become compulsory.

Supports Multiple File Formats

Your files don’t have to be in a specific format to be uploaded on this platform. supports multiple file formats, which makes it easier for users to upload their documents without worrying about bringing them in a specific format.

Final Words

So here, this review comes to an end. We have highlighted how is a valuable resource for bloggers and how it stands out from other options available over the web. Whether you want to identify plagiarism from your text or rephrase content with already available text, you can trust this platform and get things done instantly.


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