Targeting Enhanced Construction Efficiency and Affordability by Opting For Prefabrication Technology

October 21, 2022

Prefabrication as a modern innovation in the construction technology has proven to be a welcome benefit for the sector with its abundant scope of state-of-the-art features and unrivalled quality benefits.

It is an undeniable fact that the construction sector since decades has fallen short in implementation or integration of modern technology features while other industries have grown from strength-to-strength. However, with the advent of prefab off-site modular development of building enclosures, the entire scope of progress, practicality, quality, safety and design has been revolutionized and the process yields greater efficiency as well as cost savings which make the traditional processes seem irrelevant for the modern age construction demands.

Accelerating building projects and targeting better overall quality as well as aesthetics with prefabrication technology

The modular off-site building development methods can be implemented to achieve a wide variety of structural aesthetics and functional utilities from infrastructure. It has been estimated that prefabrication projects on average can be accomplished 20 - 40% faster than conventional alternatives. Automated design technology integration, factory fabrication, sectional development and simultaneous build process all result in prefabrication being an enhanced construction methodology with unrivalled productivity advantages.

With the shift of building construction processes towards the lead processes of prefabrication, contractors and engineers are achieving major strides in terms of enhanced efficiency as well as shortened build times. As opposed to the linear processes of construction followed in traditional methods, prefabrication delivers an undeniable opportunity to have the project processes being conducted simultaneously and the sectional components that are manufactured get assembled and then relocated to the final site for installation.

A streamlined process approach with better manufacturing technology

Prefabrication buildings in India adopt a simplified and swift manufacturing process which yields excellent pace as wellas project progress. As opposed to on-site building construction, developingbuildings in controlledenvironmentsof factories and by enabling repetitive and well-coordinated activities, it becomes possible to achievesuperlative quality consistency, better speed as wellas overall greater efficiency in terms of materials as well as energy consumption.

As a leading accoladed prefabrication company in India, EPACK has surpassed the known standards of quality as well as affordability when it comes to building infrastructures development and this has earned it an appreciable high-profile clientele. Faster project completion times are made possible by avoiding less reworks as there is higher precision maintained during the overall build process. Reduction or complete elimination of reworking needs significantly faster project pace and thus building development project can be accomplished on time and also within stipulated budgets.

Enhanced job site efficiency and better safety features

Efficiency in construction standards as achieved from prefabrication is multiple times better than what can be targeted with traditional building development methods. Standardized, higher quality controlled, automated and well-designed manufacturing facilities forproduction of prefab building components reduce process downtimes significantly and help achieve double the productivity when compared to traditional methodologies.

Cost benefits of prefabrication and the viability of this technology in future

It is undeniable to state that the long-term cost savings from prefabricated buildings in India are unrivalled as the process yields structures with very low to negligible maintenance needs. Also, these enclosures showcase unparalleled longevity standards and thus full-life costs of the project are much lower to what can be achieved with conventional methodologies.

In order for the construction industry to realize the full scopeof advantages that prefabrication has to offer, there is a prime requisite of wide scale implementation of this smart construction methodology across the domains of industrial, residential, commercial as well as agricultural infrastructure development. By adapting to implement this positive shift towards prefabrication, the global infrastructure development costs will be lowered significantly. Despite the fact that implementation of prefabricated homes is a relatively new concept, we are witnessing major inroads of this technology as being a standard housing development process in many partsof the world.

Across the stages of design and development, prefabrication comes with myriad ways to help save costs significantly and the affordability benefits over traditional construction processes make it a technology far more viable for sufficing future infrastructure development needs.

You can visit EPACK to gain an in-depth knowledge about the scope of advantages that prefabrication technology brings.


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