The Benefits of a Mobile Construction Crane vs. Fixed Cranes

October 11, 2022



Mobile construction cranes are the most acceptable option in today's automated construction era. Construction professionals prefer mobile cranes over fixed cranes.

Cranes are incredibly useful on construction projects that require the lifting and relocating of huge loads. The parts that make up a crane are designed to help with heavy-duty tasks like lifting and transporting. So long as trained personnel are in charge, cranes are a foolproof method for transporting massive things and accelerating the pace at which construction tasks can be completed.

However, each construction site may have unique necessities. There are a variety of tasks that could necessitate the relocation of large materials. On the other hand, some call for the relocation of items within a limited space. Because of their mobility, mobile construction cranes may be best suited for the former, while tower cranes' ability to remain in one place makes them ideal for the latter.

There must be some variation in these cranes' general layout and functionality. However, many project owners choose mobile cranes because of the benefits they bring to the table.

Mobile Construction Cranes vs. Fixed Cranes:

It's no exaggeration to say that mobile construction cranes are simply cranes that can be relocated to other sites. Such cranes are ideal for temporary jobs or those in which the crane needs to be moved regularly. They're also fantastic for use in confined areas. However, unlike mobile construction cranes, fixed cranes remain in one location at all times. This makes them great options for labor that will take a while to finish or for which precision is essential.

This post will go over the options for renting cranes and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We'll help you figure out which crane is best for your job.

Fast Set Up:

Because of how quickly they can be installed, mobile construction cranes have many advantages over other crane types. Transporting tower cranes and other cranes needs outside assistance. In addition, they require on-site installation before they can be employed for the bulk of the project's lifting needs. On the other hand, mobile cranes don't require any sort of pre-installation and may be brought to the site, set up, and maneuvered immediately. A shorter time is needed to complete a job because of their quicker setup.

Great Flexibility:
Mobile cranes' small footprint and adaptability make them a practical choice for a variety of applications. Tower cranes and similar cranes have a significant footprint when assembled, which might be problematic in some situations. In addition, the massive parts of these cranes can occasionally cause harm to the surrounding environment. They could potentially cause damage to any overhead power wires in the area. On the other hand, mobile construction cranes use robust but compact parts. Their ease of maneuverability in confined spaces makes them ideal for any kind of construction job.

Durable Parts:

Because of their robust construction, mobile cranes are able to lift and move heavy things despite having a number of small parts and components. Heavy-duty axles, lifting mechanisms, and hydraulic power are standard equipment for modern mobile construction cranes. They're able to do everything without risk, thanks to their components.

Cost Effective:

As a bonus, mobile cranes are more affordable than other crane options. Mobile cranes can be a good investment for their owners because they don't take up much room when not in use and rarely need repairs. Alternatively, project managers can save a tonne of money by renting mobile construction cranes instead of buying, storing, and transporting their own. You may spend a lot of money if you need a crane but don't want to invest in or lease a tower crane.

Mobile Cranes:

When compared to stationary cranes, mobile cranes offer greater convenience. In contrast to stationary cranes, they may be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled and capable of a wide range of tasks. Mobile construction cranes come in various configurations, including truck-mounted, side-lift, rough-terrain, aerial, railroad, floating, crawler, pick-and-carry, etc. A mobile construction crane is a crane that can be moved from one location to another, either on land or in water. It consists of a wire rope drum, chains, a control panel, and a truss. The benefits include, among others:

Accessibility to formerly inaccessible locations;

Space requirements are low for them;

Mobile cranes allow work to be done more quickly because of how quickly they can be set up;

Regarding strength and lifting capacity, mobile cranes are on par with tower cranes. Modern technology has enabled it to lift thousands of tonnes to extraordinary heights.

Fixed Cranes:

On any substantial building site, a stationary crane is a must-have. They are anchored to the earth, as their name suggests, guaranteeing a secure hold that maximizes both lifting and height capability. The higher stability of stationary cranes allows them to lift heavier objects and extend to greater heights, but at the expense of their portability. The tower crane is the most popular type of fixed crane, although there are numerous others, including the self-erecting crane, the stacker crane, the loader crane, the gantry crane, the level luffing crane, and the hammerhead crane. Many benefits are associated with using a fixed crane rather than a mobile one:

The enhanced steadiness from being rooted to the spot;

The maximum height that a stationary crane is capable of reaching is higher.

Strength sufficient to enable lifting of moderately heavy loads.


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