Tips for Attracting Land Buyers Near You

October 19, 2022


Real estate is one of the most lucrative avenues to invest in. The industry went through a slight slump during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has recovered, and property prices are soaring again. You can sell vacant land or develop a patch of land into residential or commercial property – both strategies have high returns on investment. However, finding real estate buyers can be a difficult task. If you wish to sell land near you, you must promote it well to attract potential buyers. You can find land buyers through a realtor or on your own. Here are some valuable tips on marketing your land:

Create a Buyer’s Persona

Put yourself in your prospective buyer’s shoes, and you will better know how to sell the land. Consider the land plot you wish to sell and determine what kind of buyer would be likeliest to purchase the land. Your land is subject to state zoning laws, restricting the purpose for which you can develop it.

Consider what zoning your land is in. Can it be used to create a 10-story apartment, or is it better suited to farming? Appraise if new construction on your land can be durable in the long run. Once you know what the buyer can use your land for, you can figure out what the persona of your ideal buyer is. After that, it is just a matter of effective marketing to that demographic to secure an offer on your property.

Market Well

Marketing is the lifeline of any business, including land-selling companies. Good marketing can help find your ideal buyer – ensure you give all the necessary information about your plot in your marketing campaigns! Here are a few things you can do to market your property:

  • Create a website for your company and promote it through effective SEO means. Highlight the critical information about your company on the website, and don’t leave out any essential details.
  • Post about your land on the land-buying forums online. Consider going for the platforms that specifically cater to your niche. Make a post for your property on land-selling websites as well.
  • Show your land through high-definition pictures and videos. You can also give virtual tours of your land through VR technology.
  • Market your property on social media. Make social media profiles and interact with prospective clients. Use targeted ads to reach your target demographics.

Consider Selling to Real Estate Investors

Marketing your property and negotiating a quote can be pretty overwhelming. If you want to avoid that process and make the land sale process smooth, you can sell your property to a land-buying company.

You can find several land-buying companies by simply googling “land buyers near me.” These companies are always looking to buy land and are available to close deals smoothly. Selling to land investors is easy, fast, and stress-free, but they might offer you a lesser quote than you can get by negotiating with a buyer you found yourself.

Whenever selling to a land-buying company, contact more than one such business to help you get the best quote. It is also a good idea to get on the phone with them and ask relevant questions, such as if they have ever bought any land in your area. Doing so will help you pick the most reliable land-buying company.


Business is all about building relationships, and this rings true for the buying and selling of land as well. Building your network is an excellent way to find buyers for your land. Attend relevant conferences and events where you think you can find land buyers. Strengthen your past relationships by offering to buy a coffee or drink whenever you see them. When networking, it is vital to have a selling pitch ready. Doing so will help you find buyers, but networking can be very stressful, so prioritize your mental health.

Social media is another excellent way of building your network. Interact regularly with the people that follow your account and build your network through websites like LinkedIn. You can also ask your friends and neighbors to inform you if someone they know is interested in buying your property.

Put Up a ‘For Sale’ Sign

The easiest way to communicate to passersby about wishing to sell your land is to put up a ‘For Sale’ sign. This marketing tactic is critical in small towns where word-of-mouth is the dominant form of marketing. While putting up a sign may look insignificant, a Zillow survey showed that a ‘For Sale’ sign helped around 50% of buyers search for a plot. However, since only six percent of the sales went through, you must augment it through other marketing tactics. Some areas restrict these signs, so check with your homeowner’s association if any such restriction exists in your place.


Finding prospective clients for your land can be difficult if you do not hire a realtor. Still, looking for a client alone can help you close a better deal if you know where to start. One stress-free alternative to hiring real estate regents is to sell your land to a land-buying company. Make sure you choose a reliable company, and you can sell your property fast and stress-free.



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