Tips for choosing the perfect bathroom tapware

October 25, 2022

Your bathroom tapware may be a minor component of your overall bathroom decor, but it is still important.

Tapware can be practical as well as beautiful, so why not have the best of both worlds and select something that will last the test of time while also looking great? If you are renovating or creating a bathroom from scratch, you will most likely need to consider tapware for your basin, shower, and bath (if your bathroom includes a tub).

You may also choose between hob-mounted tapware (which is installed on a horizontal surface or straight into a basin) and wall-mounted tapware. Hob-mounted tapware sets are both functional and artistically pleasing. Wall-mounted sets are a terrific way to free up space on your vanity bench top and make room for other items.

Here are a few more things to consider so you can confidently select the appropriate bathroom tapware.

What qualities should I look for in tapware?

Compatibility with your basin, shower, or bathtub, color and finish, and overall design are all factors to consider.

  • Consider your existing plumbing: If you are replacing old tapware with a new one that is not like for like, it is always a good idea to consult with a bathroom product expert or a plumber to see what alternatives are available that is not like for like, it is always a good idea to consult with a bathroom product specialist or a plumber to see what alternatives are available to you.
  • Choosing bathroom tapware that suits your decor: By the time you've gotten around to selecting tapware, you've probably decided on a round or square style for your bathroom. That overall design should be complemented by your tapware. Gather your alternatives, take your time, and do your study. Make a mood board or a scrapbook of design concepts and goods.
  • Finishes and colors: Consider the color scheme of your entire bathroom decor and match your tapware to it. Matte black or gunmetal tapware is an excellent choice for a monochrome or industrial-style bathroom. Sunset-colored tapware may give a sense of personalized luxury while also making a strong fashion statement. Choose stainless steel, chrome, or brushed nickel sets for a sleek or contemporary look. These tapware finishes complement a variety of color palettes and allow you to be as aggressive or minimalistic in your design as you wish.
  • Combining your taps with your shower or bathtub: Some contemporary bathtubs include a built-in bath filler. Water flows out of a hole on the bottom of a circular (or occasionally square) overflow. A regular wall mixer or a diverter mixer controls these integrated overflows. If you have a freestanding bath, you may also go with a floor-mounted bath filler. With a definite shape and a traditional appearance, they provide a sense of refinement to your bathroom. For enhanced convenience and simplicity of usage, several versions have a showering handpiece. Shower-over-bath combinations need the use of a diverter, which is available in a variety of forms and colors.

Let's take a closer look at shower and bath tap styles:

Mixer taps have a spout with a single handle that regulates the temperature and flow of the water.

  • Three-piece shower tap: This kind of shower faucet has a single spout as well as separate hot and cold faucets.
  • Bath/shower diverter mixers: If you have a showerhead and bath spout combo or two showerheads, you can utilize a single mixer tap beside a diverter. The diverter permits the flow of water to alternate between the two.
  • Free Standing mixers: A popular modern design for freestanding bathtubs, these mixers have a minimalist bath tap that rises from the floor.

You should also think about the sort of showerhead you wish to use. Today, there are several alternatives available, including single-head, multiple-head, rain, and waterfall showerheads. Make an informed decision; this is the key to creating the perfect shower experience!

Remember the following:

  • Consider your shower or bath configuration: do you have a separate shower, a shower/bath combo, a back-to-wall bath, or a freestanding bath?
  • A diverter is required if you have a shower/bath combination.
  • Consider your intended water flow; insufficient or excessive water pressure might damage your shower experience.

Consistency is essential.

The most crucial thing to consider is that your sink, bath, and shower tapware match. Consider the form of your tapware, as well as the shape of your other bathroom fixtures. Is it made up of smooth, curving lines or angular lines? To create a unified appearance and feel in the bathroom, strive for uniformity across all fixtures. It goes without saying that your tapware should be from the same family as well!


Wall-mounted and top-mounted bathroom basin taps are offered. Top-mounted bathroom taps are the most common option, with a wide range of designs available, including three-piece tap sets, mixers, and pillar taps. Top-mounted taps can be installed directly on the basin or on a horizontal surface.

Wall-mounted tapware, as the name implies, is attached to the wall, which allows for greater room around the basin. Because of the variety of sleek, modern designs, wall-mounted basin taps are becoming increasingly popular.

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