Ways Your Garden Centre Can Profit from The Vegetable Growing Boom

October 19, 2022

Studies have found that a lot of households around the country are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient. The cost of living is rising and people want to make adjustments to their lives so that they can still enjoy all of their favourite things. For some, this means cutting down on the amount of food they buy and finding other ways to feed their families.

In particular, households are growing their own vegetables. This can be in their back garden, as well as on allotments. While this used to be a popular hobby, it has now become a way to live. If you are a garden centre, this is something that you can profit from. Here are some ways you can do this.

Offer a Range of Vegetable Seeds

There are always going to be some popular vegetables that people like to grow. We are talking about carrots, leafy greens, tomatoes and onions. But growers are becoming more adventurous and want to try out new vegetables too. So, if you are a garden centre, make sure that you are offering a range of vegetable seeds. This is going to give people a lot of options and this will be something that they like.

What’s more, you can branch out and offer fruit and herb options too. People are not just choosing to grow vegetables. They also want to eat healthier in general, which means growing a variety of food for the family.

Provide Pots

Note that not everyone is going to have an allotment or space in their garden to grow vegetables in the ground. Therefore, they will look for alternative ways, such as growing vegetables in pots. This is something that is achievable for peas, beetroot, carrots and even radishes.

But growers are going to need a lot of pots in order to do this. After all, as the plants get bigger, they will have to buy bigger pots to accommodate their size. You can ensure your garden centre has a lot of options to keep customers happy. At Dejex, you can buy wholesale plant pots so that you can make a good profit and have plenty in stock for customers. What’s more, they are a horticultural wholesale company, which means that you can also purchase other gardening accessories for your garden centre.

Stock Organic Fertilisers

Something that growers have to think about is the quality of their soil. This is going to have a direct effect on the vegetables they are able to grow. If the soil is not able to provide the nutrients those vegetables need, they will not flourish. Indeed, fertiliser is often recommended to make sure the vegetables can grow strong and healthy.

Those that are growing their own food want to make sure it is as natural and healthy as possible for their family to eat. In particular, there has been an increase in the demand for organic fertilisers. People want to stay away from chemical fertilisers since they can be damaging to the environment. Plus, people do not want their families to consume them. Therefore, this is something that you should stock in your garden centre. You want to have a good range of different organic fertilisers so that growers can choose exactly what they need. In particular, you want to have them available during the spring and autumn months when fertiliser should be used. These are the times when they will be in demand and you want your garden centre to benefit.

Offer Covers and Tunnels

There are a lot of factors that can affect plants and crops when they are growing. For example, bad weather has the ability to kill off plants that are not strong and healthy enough. Even having too many birds and animals nearby can lead to the destruction of plants. So, growers have to consider these elements in order to be successful.

This is where your garden centre comes in. If people want to grow vegetables at home or on their allotment, they may need certain materials in order to protect their plants. This includes covers and tunnels. So, your garden centre can make sure that they are stocked to give customers some options. Again, this makes sure that all of the materials they need are in one place.

Have Gardening Tools

As a garden centre, you are going to be expected to stock the basic gardening tools that everyone needs. Indeed, this is definitely something you want to have right now as more people are working outside and trying to grow vegetables.

But, one problem we see a lot is that garden centres do not stock enough. You need to know that the demand for gardening accessories is high right now. If you cannot provide the tools people need on their first visit, they might not come back. So, ensure that you have a good stock. Growers are now more likely to spend more money on tools so that they can enjoy gardening at home. Even if you think they are specialist tools, you will be surprised how popular they can be.



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