What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Property In Thrissur?

October 18, 2022

Kerala’s cultural city, Thrissur is a district that has an extraordinary energy that no other place displays. Thrissur is unique and rich in its cultural heritage. Thrissur can be described as affluent for religious diversity. It is famous for colorful festivals and holy sites. Thrissur is said to be the fourth largest city in Kerala and has influenced various religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so on. After Cochin and Calicut, Thrissur is known as the third largest city for urban agglomeration. In the center, located a large Lord Shiva temple named Vadakkunnathan. Thrissur is famous for its various educational institutions and has a literacy of 97.4%.

In Thrissur, there is Kerala Sangeeta Nadaka Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Academy and Kerala Sahitya Academy. The city organizes Thrissur program which is the most colorful festival in Kerala. During Thrissur pooram people from all places will come to the city to enjoy the spectacular festival. This festival will be held in the month of April and May in the Malayalam month of Medam. Apart from Vadakunnathan, Thrissur has other famous temples known as Paramekkavu temple and Thiruvadi Sree Krishna temple. There are famous Churches named St. Antony’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane, our Lady of Lourdes Syro Malabar- Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral and our Lady of Dolours Malabar-Catholic Basilica, the largest Indian Church in India. The city holds four major scheduled banks and is famous for silks and gold jewelry. Thrissur city gives the best of the city  life with refreshing environment.

Thrissur city has shown consistent growth in the past few years, and you can expect rapid growth in real estate in the coming years as there is already good demand for flats in Thrissur.

The reason for the enormous growth in real estate in Thrissur is due to the following factors:

  • Obtainability of land in over the cramped cities
  • The clean and green city which uplifts the environment
  • Reputed educational institutions and health centers

Below are the reasons to choose Thrissur to own a flat:

Effortlessness in buying and selling property

We are making a knotty decision regarding our nest when we plan to buy a property. When you buy a flat, you may not think about selling it. But we should also be careful about the resale value. Because of the disposal value, the city has high demand for purchasing properties.

Genuine returns on Investment

Returns on investment are the most important thing in real estate.  An investment is said to be successful if you can bring profit in it. Risk and Returns are said to be opposite parts. In the case of Thrissur, It will give you the best with less risk.


The first thing you can assure in a flat in Thrissur is the security through security guards who will be available 24X7 and the CCTV cameras which will be monitored the whole day. Strangers and unwanted sellers will always be screened. Details of each guest in your flat will be noted by security. All these precautions will help you to lead a peaceful life in a flat.

Amenities and services

All the builders provide great amenities for their in flats in Thrissur. You will have swimming pools, gyms, a fitness center, a parking area, a party room and so on.  There is no need to spend money on these amenities which the flats offer you.


Thrissur will not go backward in case of connectivity. The cultural city has great connectivity through 3 airports.

    • To Cochin Airport it is 58Kms
    • To Calicut airport, it is 80 Km
  • To Coimbatore airport, it is 115 Km

IT Center

In Kerala, Thrissur is the place where we have one of the biggest IT hubs. If you are a software professional who works in Thrissur or planning to shift to Thrissur later, then owning a flat in Thrissur is the best. Nowadays people are moving to Thrissur for career reasons as Thrissur is showing a rapid growth in IT infrastructure. If you don’t have a plan to live in your flat immediately, you can easily rent it out as you get good tenants for your apartment.

Tourist hub

Thrissur is a place which is famous for tourist destinations. Thrissur pooram brings thousands and thousands of people to the city every year. The folks who bought the flat in Thrissur don’t wish to move to other places. In such cases, you can rent out your flat and earn from your investment.


When you own a flat, it makes your life easy by easy access to railway stations, bus stations, and colleges. Buying a flat in Thrissur means you are near almost all landmarks.

Better Lifestyle

In Thrissur city, flats are in urban areas which enhance your lifestyle. So, plan wisely which gives better living.


In flats, there is no need to worry about cleaning and maintenance. There will be a person to clean the common areas every day. Almost in every flat, there will be committees to manage all these things.


The base of flats in Thrissur is its competitive pricing. The costs of a flat have been competitive in Thrissur for some time now. You will get all types of flats in Thrissur, which is an added benefit.


According to different lifestyles in different times, people will have different needs. Sometimes you may find it difficult to refurbish your villa or an independent house. In such cases, you can easily renovate a flat according to your time and income. 

Social Circle

Living in flats becomes great when it comes to children and housewives and old people. Children will mingle with the neighborhood children which is beneficial. Housewives can also enjoy the environment with other residents and can create a thick friendships among others.

Management of crisis

In case of any emergencies, or disasters like floods, you will get support from the workers and neighborhoods by living in a flat.

 Pleasing Environment

When compared to other cities, Thrissur is a calm city famous for temples, tourist attractions and educational institutions which makes this city stylish and graceful. People in the city are highly educated as not a single person will indulge in others’ lives.


Kerala is one of the developed states and in the case of real estate Kerala has shown rapid growth.  According to your choice, you can own an apartment in Thrissur regardless of lifestyle and budget. It is a great asset when you own a flat in Thrissur. You will get a lot of property appreciation. Thrissur is one of the most selected cities for home buyers. YOu can also consider buying budget villas in Thrissur. Thrissur will also tell the importance of culture and tradition. The property rates are increasing all the time and it will be the best choice for future generations.

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