October 13, 2022

Sunny Greece is home to renowned ancient architectural treasures and a long history. Great human beings who contributed greatly to science, art, and culture were born here. Most importantly, there is interesting stuff to see both inside and outside of large cities. Every visitor to the island of Corfu is welcome to take in the sights and unparalleled natural beauty.

Would you want to spend your vacation lazing by the warm water of the sea? Then, planning a trip to Corfu will be unquestionably the right choice. The island has everything guests might possibly need, including rental agencies, Corfu airport transfers, and a wide range of high-quality hotels, pubs, cafes, and stores.

Corfu is a location where you can really experience the spirit and taste of Greece. Even a seasoned tourist will find something to enjoy on this relatively tiny island, which features historical and architectural landmarks, picturesque beaches, the Adriatic and Ionian seas, and a variety of active recreation options.

Paleo Frourio

The Venetians constructed the old stronghold in the middle of the sixth century, but it has gradually lost its appearance. Although not all of the buildings were preserved, Paleofrourio has since been rebuilt. Fortification is one of the island's defining characteristics. Numerous cultural events are regularly conducted here. Tourists are particularly impressed by the castle's strong walls and the view of the island from its highest point. Since the ascent to the top can only be accomplished on foot and is quite taxing, it is advisable to go early in the day while Corfu is not yet too hot.

Canal D'Amour

The Canal D'Amour is one of the most romantic locations on the island when it comes to the subject of what to see in Corfu for young couples. If you're naturally amorous and decide to travel to Corfu with your special someone, you should unquestionably go here. You can reach these magnificent rocks with the incredible arch in the center in minutes by AtoB taxi, as they are located near the village of Sidari on the northwest coast of Corfu.


Achilles, a legendary figure in ancient Greece, is honored at the palace. There are ornaments on the grounds of the historical and cultural edifice, including statues of mythological figures, busts of kings, and figures from ancient Greek philosophy. The palace was ultimately brought back to its previous beauty after years of reconstruction and restoration. You can view the lovely gardens, statues of Zeus and Hera, and other minor monuments honoring Greek mythology as soon as you reach the royal grounds. A painting of Empress Elizabeth can be found inside the palace on the right, and on the left, you can see a marble fireplace and the little figurines that adorn it.


One of Greece's most stunning historical landmarks is the island of Pontikonisi, sometimes called Mouse Island. The lone building on this little island, which has a border only 2 meters above the water, is the old Pantocrator monastery. This island is almost fully covered in exotic vegetation and lavish trees. The outside similarity of the stairs leading to the historic Pantocrator monastery to the tail of a mouse is how Mouse Island received its name.

Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna

The Monastery of Vlacherna is one of the attractions in Corfu that you may visit on your own, and it should be on your itinerary. It's on a little sliver of land that's attached to the peninsula by a meager concrete pier. The Virgin Mary chapel is connected to the monastery. The architectural complex is well complemented by the azure lake, making the gorgeous image of the monastery a symbol of Corfu.

Take advantage of the chance to learn more about the local culture! We hope you will find these advices, images, and descriptions useful. When you visit the island of Corfu, the scenery will undoubtedly enthrall you and make you interested in the native way of life.

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