What To Consider When Building A Garden Shed

October 10, 2022

Building a garden shed is an excellent home improvement project that adds extra storage space in your backyard. It offers storage for your garden tools, household appliances, and construction equipment. While building a garden shed is a DIY project, homeowners must first conduct thorough research on the dos and don’ts.

Many homeowners have built great garden sheds only to have them demolished by city officials because they violate safety and legal regulations. Therefore, doing your research can save you time, money, and other unnecessary expenses. To help you with your research, we’ve outlined some things to consider before building a garden shed.

Where To Locate Your Shed

After deciding to build a garden shed, you must first decide where to build the shed. This is because the shed’s location will determine its size, shape, and building mode. If you have limited space and don’t know where to build your shed, consider investing in Duratuf Sheds, as these sheds come in various sizes that suit your needs.

To choose the right spot for your garden shed, you must consider the following factors:

  • Purpose

The function of the shed will determine where you locate it. For instance, if your shed is intended to store garden supplies, consider locating it near the garden but away from the water source. If it’s for storing your bikes, power tools, and other household tools, locate it near your front yard, where it’s easily accessible.

  • Ground Conditions

The landscape and soil conditions are often overlooked when locating your shed. However, they’re the most crucial when identifying the right shed spot. A shed should be located on higher ground to encourage water runoff when it rains.

  • Accessibility

Convenience in terms of access is essential in determining the shed’s location. Locating the shed far away from your house may attract burglars to steal your supplies. Therefore, locate your shed near your house where it’s easily accessible.

  • Local Regulations

You’ll also want to check with the local officials to determine if there are rules on where you should locate your shed. This is because some local regulations dictate how far a shed should be from trees, fences, or other buildings.

The Size Of Your Shed

Shed size is another important aspect to consider when building your shed. Whether you’re building livestock barns or lifestyle sheds, there are factors you’ll consider to end up with the right size. Some of these factors include:

  • Functionality

The purposes your shed will serve determine the shed’s size. When a shed is big enough, you can use your shed for different purposes. Remember that size includes not only the length and width and the height. Therefore, if you want to use your shed as a workshop, you’ll need a bigger space to incorporate shelves to store your tools.

  • What’s Stored

It’s a no-brainer that your garden shed is your ultimate storage solution. Therefore, before actualizing the size, you need to figure out what you intend to store. If you intend to store large pieces of equipment like your motorcycle, lawn furniture, or holiday decorations, your shed should be considerably big. But if you’ll be storing smaller things like power tools and garden appliances, you don’t need a big shed.

  • Yard Size

Your yard size is the main decisive factor in your shed size. After all, you can’t plan to build a big shed when your yard can’t incorporate that. A thumb rule is to have your yard look in scale with your yard.

  • Material

The amount and cost of materials needed will highly influence the size of your shed. If you’re working on a tight budget, you’re not capable of purchasing materials for a large shed.

Garden Shed Permits

Before you start building your garden shed, it’s essential to determine if you need a building permit. Some states require you to get building permits, even for small sheds. To determine this, you’ll need to visit the local county to determine the code requirements for your shed.

While there, you’ll also need to check lot coverage requirements as you may find that your lot size is full, and you’re not allowed to add another building around your home. Also, check the requirements on the distance the shed should be from your house or neighbor’s fence.

If you assume this and build your shed against the local building codes, you can encounter huge fines, the cost of demolishing the shade, or even relocation. If you’re unsure about the permits of the given state, consider hiring a professional to help with permit applications.


Now that you know what to consider before building your garden shed, it’s time to proceed with the project. A well-designed garden shed provides more than extra storage for your garden tools and other equipment. A stylish garden shed can boost your home’s aesthetics and increase your property’s value.


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