What to do with your old clothes at home

October 8, 2022

Almost all of us have clothes that we don't use at home. But we don't take the time to do anything with them, which is a pity because there are many things we can do with our old clothes as you will see in this article.


Trade or Donate Your Old Clothes


Trade or donate, things that have always existed and yet remain the best solutions for many things. Among these things, getting rid of your old clothes greatly. To whom to exchange or give your clothes? The answer is certainly around you, most often your family or friends. And I can assure you that spending an afternoon trading or giving clothes to your loved ones is as much fun as many other activities. Important point, don't think you disturb them by talking about this kind of things, as they probably also need to get rid of their old clothes.


Sell Them at a Yard or Garage Sale


Another fun activity to get rid of your old habits is to participate in one or more yard sales. But this time you also make money. In addition to being a great thing for clothes, you can also take advantage of it to bring back other items that are lying around your house. Many advantages in addition to being a fun experience to do whether alone or with family members, especially kids. Now it's up to you to find the flea markets and yard sales around your home using internet and social networks. Many of you probably already have annual yard sales in your cities.


Recycle Your Clothes for Yourself


Recycling is a great solution for all kinds of things, especially when it comes to clothes. If you are not familiar with the DIY world, I don't think you can imagine the number of great things you can do with your old clothes. No wonder since the fabric can be reused for many things like tote bags, pillow cases, hats etc. For example, with a simple graphic hoodie you can make socks or even use its design to make a nice wall art. It's up to you to discover this wonderful world and the many videos that allow you to transform your clothes.


Donate Them to Recycling places


If scissors and other tools are not for you, you have the possibility to recycle your clothes by giving them away. Professionals who will be happy to give a second life to your old sweaters, t-shirts or other. The only thing you have to do is to take some time to find out about the recycling centers around you and the kind of products they accept. Surely one of the best solutions to get rid of your old products cleanly and quickly. A good action for you and the planet in addition to delighting many people who will be able to enjoy your clothes in another form.


Sell Them Online


Another solution that is obviously very popular today is selling on the internet. No wonder, because this solution offers many advantages. Advantages like being able to sell products directly from home and to show them to hundreds of Internet users. A second hand style that is booming, that's why there are already many platforms very powerful to sell quickly. The most famous are Vinted, Poshmark or even the Facebook marketplace. A fast and efficient solution to make people happy and make money on your side.


Use Fabrics as Compost


Another surprising solution is to use the clothes you no longer wear as compost. How is this possible? Well, simply because fabrics made of natural fibers like silk, linen or cotton can be broken down and recomposed. However, you must make sure that your fabrics are not mixed with anything synthetic like polyester or anything toxic. You also need to make sure that anything that is not biodegradable such as buttons or tags are not mixed in. I suggest you watch tutorials on internet to make sure you are doing things right, you can find some on YouTube or blogs.


Make Your Next Purchases Better


Managing to do things with your old clothes is a good thing, but not finding yourself in the same situation every 2 years is even better. That's why we want to finish with two easy tips to remember to buy your clothes better. The first advice is not to give in to compulsive buying, try to think each time according to your wardrobe and if you really need to buy this garment. The second tip is to focus on quality. If you don't use old clothes anymore because they have become bland or with too many flaws, these are things you can avoid by learning about the quality and reviews of a brand.




As you have seen in this article, there are many solutions to give a second life to your old clothes. It's up to you to choose one or more solutions that best fit your desires. Whether it is for recycling, sales or to please your loved ones, you now have all the best solutions.


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