Why Thrissur is the best city to buy flats in India

October 18, 2022

Own a home is everyone’s dream isn’t?  So, as we all know that a HOME is more than walls and roofs and it’s an emotion and thoughts that comes to our mind. It’s a form of security, comfort, status accomplishment etc. So being a owner of a house or owning a house is a mandatory for lifestyle. So have u ever thought of owning a flat in the central part of our state. Yes, THRISSUR is one of the 14 districts in Kerala which is mainly known for sacred sites and colourful festivals. The town is beautifully built on an elevated ground, and more than that it is famous for VADAKKUNNATHA TEMPLE. Thrissur is a city thronged with beautiful temples, shrines, schools, colleges, health centres, shopping malls, and other necessities.

Every year chunk of believers comes to Thrissur to celebrate their own festivals. Thrissur is also known as VRISHABHADRIPURAM and TEN KAILASAM in a ancient days. The name THRISSUR is interpretation is TRI-SHIVA-PEROOR which is also known as THE BIG LAND WITH THREE SHIVA TEMPLES where Lord Shiva resides namely VADAKKUNNATHA TEMPLE, ASOKESWARAM SIVA TEMPLE and IRATTACHIRA SIVA TEMPLE. Moreover, Thrissur is close to major cities like Kochi and Kochi is considered as business axis. Since this city is close to Kochi, Thrissur is perfect place for investing for budding investors and business owners.  That’s one of the important reason people choose flats in Thrissur than other metro cities. And now people can dream to settle in Thrissur because people in will enjoy the culture, spiritual, fresh air, fresh environment, and flourishing business in Thrissur.

To support the emerging economy of the region Thrissur infrastructure plays an important role in fast development of the region. Infrastructure is supported by various sectors as an endorsement for the booming industry. The transport system, public health sectors, educational institutions and the territory sectors are the main part of infrastructure in Thrissur. The city is well constructed by roads which emerges from National Highway No. 17 and National Highway No.47 travel across the length and breadth of the city. Even rails are also connected through these cities to main cities in the South Indian. In order to development of the cities not only roads or rails even waterways also plays an important role which they travel through canals of the regions.

Transportation system helps in the transportation of the agriculture and industrial raw materials and finished products. . Due to the development of the infrastructure, there has been reductions in the costs of the production of the industries. Public health centres in Thrissur includes the initiation of homeopathy, allopathy diagnosis centres and therapeutic centres in which they have been functioning and practicing well equipment and modernity of instruments that is well said for treating the sick peoples.

Territory is the main factor for the development of the economy. South Indian bank, Dhana Lakshmi bank, Catholic Syrian Bank Headquarters of these banks are situated in the city. Thrissur cities consist of educational institutions with the literacy rate of 97.4%

Thrissur is such a pretty place where all the religious are equal there. Keeping religious aside There are number of beaches, hillocks, forest, and waterfalls. So just imagine having a home in Thrissur, in middle of all All these aspects? Of course, yes you don’t have to ask for more. Just imagine you are living your life peacefully. Yes, there you are you must own a flat in Thrissur. 

Why do people prefer for flats? Do you think the flats are safer? And commonly there is talks among the people that if you live in a flat you won’t have any interaction with the people out there!

 Do you think that is true? Of Course, yes, it’s not true

Thrissur s a place where People just enjoy doing their own activities like shopping and enjoy the nature. So, owning a flat in Thrissur is beneficial.

Reasons for higher opportunities of landlords in the city are lands are easily available in the city, clean and tidy environment, maintaining legal affairs, well organised educational institutions, and medical centres. Investing more and more in real estate is a keen in Thrissur. So, let’s do look forward to know the advantages of hiring or owning a flat in Thrissur 


First and foremost, thing that assures you is the security through the security guards which has been appointed and the security cameras which will monitoring throughout the day. Unwanted sellers or suspicious people will be under control of the securities. Details of each guest will be noted down and will be confirmed by the resident who lives in the flat. This step assures you and your family the peace and calm lifestyle.


Owning swimming pools and gyms or parks own your own is something very expensive Where you can access to these facilities within your incur costs for it. You don’t have to pay or spent more money for using these facilities in which the apartments give you and your family for all of this.


Living in flats makes it easy to reach and easily access to railway stations, bus stations, schools, colleges, health centers, and cinema halls. Many apartment builders build grocery shops, shopping stores, and pharmacies so that the residents can easily full fill the necessities on their own.


So here we can see flats or apartments are constructed and the urban areas in which your lifestyle will be enhanced your lifestyle intensively. Make your space wisely and it gives you a better manner of living.


Here, it asure complete clean and tidy environment to you and to your family. You don’t have to bother about Hygiene about the parks, pools and gyms and corridors for that the management committee Would appoint the workers in which you and your family can live peaceful and clean environment.


When it comes to the financial estimate people would be more concerned. Large apartments or independent apartments seem to be out of reach for people but it’s broad array in apartments that fit for everyone’s budget line. So, the young buyers or the buyers who buy flats through the loans Can simply afford 1BHK or 2BHK In prime areas of Thrissur and urban areas also. It would be more easy through  instalments instead of giving the rent monthly monthly.


People have different lifestyles in different times according to different needs. In that sense, you won’t be able to renovate or make any changes in your builders in thrissur. When it comes to the apartment or flats, it’s very easy to renovate your ideas according to your lifestyle and your time and your needs. You can easily independently set one for your need.


Living in flats or apartments is great when it comes to children’s, housewives, and old residents. Children’s can easily mingle with the neighbourhood children and old residents and homemakers won’t enjoy the environment alone in villas comparatively living in flats and mingle with different type culture different type lifestyle peoples.


Thrissur is a calm and quite city and and least troubled city which consists of various famous temples and shrines. People’s here in this city is literate and educated so that people won’t indulge in others life.

Sri Vadakkunnathan temple, Paramekkavu Temple, Thiruvambaby Sri Krishna temple, Viyoor Shiva Temple, Seetha Ramaswamy temple, etc. are some beautiful temples which make this place elegant and attractive.

Moreover, the climate in Thrissur is not too cold nor too hot pleasant weather that people enjoy and live their life peacefully.


Thrissur is mainly known for tourist attractions. Thrissur poram is one of the well know festival in the city where lot of people’s come and joins together every year. This festival increases the significance of the city. 


 There is no doubt in that Thrissur is one of the cleanest and least troubled cities in Kerala where we can live peacefully in a manner that the people wish to. There is well-thought-out between traditional and modern life. Steady rise and investment is the wise decision for the upcoming and budding generations and young buyers.

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