5 Mistakes To Avoid When Packing Your Living Room For A Move

November 22, 2022

Moving to a new property can be an exhilarating experience, yet for many people, it’s a process they’d rather avoid. Packing all your belongings and having them travel across a neighborhood, city, or country is intimidating.

However, if you're too busy with work and personal obligations to handle the tedious process, consider hiring professional movers to do the task for you. It may be tough to find a dependable team and justify the additional expense so you may visit sites like movinghub.com for more information.

This post aims to make a list of common mistakes people make when packing and moving so you can avoid wasting time and hopefully have a smooth move. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. No Planning And Inventory Whatsoever

It's a recipe for disaster to move from one house to another without proper planning and preparation. Imagine not being able to prepare to move your bulky furniture in your living room, hours away from the planned moving time. Making a list and crossing things off as you finish them makes you more productive and may help reduce the stress of moving.

Once you've decided on a date to move out, prepare the checklist. Getting started at least two or three months in advance is best. If you make this list a few months before moving, you'll have plenty of time to take care of everything in your old and new homes. Put the list somewhere secure, like your computer or phone.

If you want to avoid having things pile up, give yourself due dates for each moving assignment. As a means of self-discipline and improved productivity, setting reminders on your phone or a physical calendar where it's easily seen is highly recommended.

2. Not Doing Proper Measuring

Before moving into your new house, you should measure the living room and all other rooms, narrow hallways or entrances, and large pieces of furniture to ensure they fit. No amount of wit will allow you to squeeze a sofa through a tiny door. If you want to avoid any last-minute surprises on moving day, ensure you take accurate measurements of your furniture in plenty of time. If you live in a building with an elevator, be sure to take its dimensions into account as well.

3. Using Poor Quality Materials And Worn Out Boxes

Using old boxes is a simple approach to cutting costs, but it has more drawbacks. When compared to newer boxes, older ones are more prone to damage. Even more so, if they weren't made to be transported, they might collapse under the weight of whatever is piled atop them. Although new boxes are more expensive, they’re much more likely to survive the move.

If you want to be successful in saving money when moving, you have to ensure all bases are covered, as it may cost you more if you cut too many corners when allocating your budget. Skimping on tools and materials is a frequent blunder when packing and relocating. Packing materials like boxes, tape, and packing peanuts are cheap, so maximize and purchase a little more than necessary to ensure that there's more than enough for all your belongings. Packing materials are made to prevent damage to your belongings during transport.

Feel free to spend more money if it will help ease and speed up the moving process. Having containers of the same size makes moving much more straightforward since you or the movers can pile them in the back of the truck without toppling over. Always remember that purchasing the right and durable materials is less expensive than repairing or replacing items that might break in transit.

4. Forgetting To Label Your Boxes

It's only possible to tell what's inside a box if you open it, which would be a huge hassle and would take additional time that should be spent on other moving activities. If you don't know where each box goes, you'll have to stack them in no particular order, making unpacking more difficult and time-consuming.

Spending hours sorting through boxes and relocating furniture around the house instead of getting rooms set up fast is a common complaint among new homeowners. Putting in the time to identify your belongings while moving will save you hours of frustration once you've unpacked.

5. Not Preparing An Essentials Bag

Unpacking every box on moving day will probably only happen if you're just taking the bare minimum with you. That's why it's critical to bring along essentials like a change of clothes and any medications you may require so you can settle in quickly. Put them somewhere you can easily access, and name them. Carry a toiletries bag and any necessary paperwork with you at all times.


Moving and packing your valuables shouldn’t be stressful. Proper planning and budget allocation can be game changers. Make it fun for you and your family; consider packing as a game or a contest for your family and giving them prizes if they do well.

Remember to clean your new home before unpacking all your belongings to avoid health issues. If you have the budget, hiring a professional moving team can make everything more manageable as well. Hopefully, this feature has given you tips on what to avoid when moving from your old house to your new home.



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