5 Organic Ways to Increase Your Instagram Follower

November 16, 2022

Are you looking for some simple and easy ways to increase your Instagram followers in Australia? Similarly, how about buying Instagram followers from Australia? Is it super cool? And finally, you may also want to see how to buy Instagram followers from Australia in a hassle-free way.

You are in the correct position if you are looking for answers to these and similar questions. In this blog, we will answer these questions as simply as possible. So, stay tuned till the end to read the best content we have compiled for you. 

Why Increase Instagram Followers?

We will answer these questions mentioned above, but first of all, it would be more natural to know why to increase Instagram followers.

Instagram is all about brand identity. If you want to market your brand or some business entity, you will need the Instagram platform and, more importantly, a growing reach of followers.

As we all know, more than half of the world's population uses social media daily. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for any personal or business brand to have a significant presence on all trending social media platforms, including Instagram.

According to IamFamous statistic report, more than a billion people are on Instagram. Instagram is the fourth most utilized social media platform after YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. So, it is the need of the hour to find some incredible ways to increase Instagram followers. Don't look anywhere. Just scroll down.

Why Have Instagram Followers from Australia?

Before moving to know the safest ways to increase Instagram followers from Australia, it would be equally essential why to have Instagram followers from Australia specifically.

Initially, having Instagram followers from Australia will be super cool for you if your target audience is from both countries. This is because the most common thing about both countries regarding Instagram is that almost half of their population actively uses it. 

In Australia, there are more than 13.4 million Instagram users. Whereas, there are more than 18 million Instagram users. And it would amaze you that both countries' Instagram users are primarily aged below 35 years. 

5 Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

After knowing why to have Instagram followers from Australia, it's time to grasp some most straightforward ways to achieve this goal. However, before going specifically to get Instagram followers from Australia, it is better to understand the organic methods to increase followers.

Organic Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Mainly there are two ways to increase Instagram followers; buying them from websites and opting for organic practices. We will discuss later the benefits of buying Instagram followers from different websites. Now it's time to explore five organic ways to increase Instagram followers. 

Indeed, there are vast details of all these ways. But we will only get in touch with them. Because we can't go beyond our limits in the length of this blog, rest assured after reading this blog, you will have stunningly influenced your understanding of the topic. Further research and diving deep are all up to your lust and learning attitude. 

  • Optimize Your Profile with Instagram Search Algorithm

You have to optimize your bio with the Instagram search algorithm. Now in 2022, Instagram has updated its SEO feature. It would help if you went deep to understand how this new SEO feature works.

Let's say whatever you are; a graphic designer, digital marketer, or FB ads expert. Then, all you need to do is put your professional identity with your name; Arjun Digital Coach, Ali Influencer Coach, etc. This will increase your searchability. It will define your profession. And based on it, people will find your profile. 

For example, if people have to find a Facebook ad expert. They will reach your profile if you have optimized your professional identity. By doing this, you will surely get your potential followers and your clients.

  • Make Original Content

Remember that if you want to increase your Instagram followers, you need to skip copying other creators' content. Yeah, you can have ideas from different articles and profiles. But your content must have your organic flavor. So, your content should not be sensed as copied. 

Your job is to research, read, analyze and take content from anywhere you want. But now you must present in your natural, more straightforward way. If you are marvelous at simplifying complex things, then you would not only retain your followers but could raise your reach to unlimited new Instagram followers. 

  • Focus On Creating More Videos

Instagram officially announced in their blogs and videos that they would focus more on videos in 2022. After this announcement, you can imagine how much Instagram's algorithm is tilted toward videos. So, it would help if you also focused on creating more videos to increase Instagram followers. 

Reels are in trend today. However, you can also experience the difference between the engagement of posts and videos. In 2022 no one likes to read lengthy articles. Followers are interested in something other than your pics and captions. They are following you just for entertainment and information. 

So, you have to be very clear that you have to work on providing entertainment and information in video formats. This would also serve your goal of increasing Instagram followers rapidly. 

  • Allow Your Audience to Make Remix

You have to enable the option of allowing your audience to make remixes. What would happen there is that if anyone creates remixes from your content, it will enhance your profile so that his audience will get to know your profile and content. And most probably, they may start following you. 

This is because you have your original flavor and presence. So, allowing your audience to make remixes is nothing but automatically branding and marketing your profile.

The fun thing about remixes is that Instagram is also prioritizing remix content. So try to sense that the remix will be on top whenever you refresh your feed. And if you want to be seen on top, your remixes should be there. 

  • Use Correct Hashtags

This is our last hack for you to increase Instagram followers organically. But it's still being determined; you can have as many more hacks as you can research from other sources. 

There was a time when you could use around 30 hashtags. But now Instagram has strictly advised its users to use only 3 to 4 hashtags. 

Why did Instagram advise so? Because it had to make its content genuine. Like-for-like, follow-for-follow-type hashtags were ridiculously messing up this platform. In this way, Instagram's algorithm needed to grasp the niche of its range because of these useless hashtags.

So, you have to put a maximum of 5 correct and different hashtags, which will also increase your Instagram followers organically. 

Why Buy Instagram Followers from Australia

We discussed earlier why we should have Instagram followers from Australia. Now it's time to learn the benefits of buying Instagram followers. 

Benefits Of Buying Instagram Followers

  • Your brand awareness would be at an all-time high if you buy Instagram followers from best site
  • Buying Instagram followers can also make you a trusted influencer. As more followers translate into an increased trust factor. 
  • Buying Instagram followers can boost your exposure to the masses. Which would ultimately turn and act like a gateway to your website. 
  • If you want to save your precious time, you must spend money to grow on Instagram by buying followers. 
  • Buying Instagram followers can boost your engagement, become a source of positive impressions, increase the visibility of your profile, etc.


We have covered our topic in as simplified a way as possible. Now you have five organic ways to increase your Instagram followers. You know why you should have Instagram followers, especially from Australia. And finally, you have also learned about some benefits of buying Instagram followers. Let me clarify one more thing you should do satisfied research before buying Instagram followers from different websites.

So, if you want us to continue making such in-depth content, support us by sharing.




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