5 Reasons Eating Will Always Be the Best Part About Traveling

November 11, 2022

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Everyone loves traveling. You can learn so much about the new country, culture, and people and see amazing places this world hides. Traveling is a relaxing experience for a lot of people and they gather new life experiences through it. However, even though all of those things are great, there is one that makes the whole trip even better - the food.

When you are visiting new places, you get to discover new dishes, tastes, spices, and many other aspects of food. It is a fact that we as humans love food, and here are some of the reasons why food makes the best part of any trip.

Something You’ve Never Tried Before

The world is huge and it holds many different cultures. Each of these cultures has its own unique and amazing dishes. There is a great chance that you haven’t even tried a portion of these amazing dishes, and traveling allows you to do that. When you travel somewhere new, you can open your eyes and taste buds to a whole new world of flavor profiles and truly unique traditional foods. Chances are small that you can find all those authentic dishes in your own country, but when you’re traveling, the food is as authentic as it gets.

You Experience Familiar Foods in a New Way

Your city probably has a lot of different restaurants from a lot of different cultures. That’s perfectly great and many restaurants are as authentic as it gets. You can easily find the best Italian food somewhere in your vicinity and truly enjoy the sweet taste of their pasta and the airiness of their pizzas.

However, when you travel to Italy, their food gets even better. Even though you’ve probably eaten pizzas dozens of times at home, in Italy, these dishes get a whole new dimension. No matter where you travel, you can experience so many different flavors that are new to you in the food you’ve already eaten at home. That’s why traveling and food go together amazingly.

The Food Tells You a Lot about the Culture

You can tell a lot about a certain culture purely based on food. For example, let’s look at Costa Rica. The motto of their country is “Pura Vida” which translates to “pure life”. To mirror that, their food and people truly do embody that motto. Their most traditional meal is rice with sweet plantains and a meat of your choice (fish, chicken, or beef), and the entire dish is always fresh. It is such a simple meal because this country and its culture embody simplicity.

A similar example is France, especially if you eat in Paris. The French love fresh bread, fine cuts of meat, and desserts. They also love beautiful and rich wines and expensive cheese, which often go together. This is due to the culture which values the finer things in life. In France, it’s better to eat a small portion of something truly elegant and exquisite than a lot of low-quality products.

Food Connects People

Another great aspect of eating while traveling is that you can socialize. Food does bring people together and when traveling, everyone is excited to sit down at a local restaurant and see what they can try. You can easily travel with friends and family and simply go through the new city try new things and talk about them. When you sit down to eat with people, you share that joyous moment of exploration together. And even if you are traveling alone, you can always find friendly locals in restaurants that would love to chat with you about their dishes and help you pick the best ones.

You Can Pick up New Recipes

If you are passionate about food, traveling will help you learn so much about it. When you are exploring new flavors and local dishes, you can learn about new ingredients and ways of cooking them. This is a great lesson in life, and you can easily fill your own personal cookbook with so many great new recipes. Then, take them home and cook the most amazing meals you’ve experienced abroad. This can bring you closer to your friends and family and it will always revoke great memories from traveling and probably the most amazing stories.

Traveling is amazing and you can open your eyes and mind to new things. More importantly, you can open your taste buds to the most amazing new experiences. Never skip exploring local cuisine when traveling since you can gain so many great benefits from that, and some new friends.

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