6 Treks in India which are attracting Trekkers in 2022

November 25, 2022


India has an array of hiking trails to pick from. The best places to hike in India include freezing desserts, tropical rainforests, majestic Himalayan summits, and open meadows. Indian trekking isn't restricted to a handful of adventurous excursions. These thrilling hikes are famous for their stunning scenery and also. This overview of the best places to trek in India is listed by month. If you are considering going for an adventure trip to India, look over the list. Keep reading to learn more about the top six treks in India that are sure to draw trekkers in 2022.

1.Trek to Chandratal Lake

The trek through Chandratal Lake is one of India's most stunning and thrilling trekking tours. There are many options for Himachal trip packages, and this one is considered one of the most popular trekking routes for adventure-seekers. It is situated in Spiti Valley, numerous routes lead to this stunning Lake most convenient ways towards Chandratal Lake can take around 8 hours from Manali and take a fraction of the time when the weather is favorable, and the trekkers can be experienced. Reaching Chandratal Lake after walking through stunning snowy trekking and stunning mountains surrounding it is a treat in and of itself. The stunning beauty of Chandratal Lake is something to take numerous photographers and tourists are drawn to the Lake to capture their memories.

2. The Kudremukh Trek

Another gem of a hike is located inside the Western Ghats of South India , the view you get while trekking is worth taking in. It is one of the lushest and green regions in India, the mysterious look of the lush green valleys and hills is out of the ordinary. The Kudremukh trek traverses the bio-diverse zones that are home to hundreds of species of plant and animals and insects that are scarce, it is still left unexplored by tourism and is among the best trekking spots in India. Trek on Chadar River is must do experience for trekking lovers varieties of species in this area are being documented and studied.Hike takes about two days and is about 21 km long ,It is an ideal place to go on a weekend to get close to nature

3.Rajmachi Trek

Suppose you're just beginning your journey and are looking for a thrilling hiking experience, One of the most sought-after activities to experience in India for those new to the sport in Maharashtra. Rajmachi is situated near Lonavala, approximately 14 km. The most elevation you can attain is 3000 feet above sea level. The route is approximately 14 kilometers long, with the most popular tourist attractions of Manaranjan and Shrivardhan forts along the way. It is possible to enjoy the most stunning panoramas of the valley from these forts. While on your hike, you'll travel through forests with temples, waterfalls, and several ancient Buddhist caves. This hike is a wonderful experience for someone embarking on a trek for the first time.

4. Chadar River Trek

With a stunning backdrop of natural colors, The Frozen River Trek, commonly called The Chadar Trek, is one of the most difficult hikes in the Ladakh region. The strenuous mountain path along the frozen river beneath the winter blue sky is a journey through valleys, mountain caves, and frozen waterfalls. It is among the most difficult treks in the Indian Himalayas as the trekkers traverse rocky terrain, and the temperature could drop to below 10 degrees. This uncommon climatic situation could be challenging for trekkers to survive. The Frozen River Trek, among the most popular winter treks, is also among the longest in the Indian Himalayan region, covering 90 km in just eight cold days. A journey to paradise is a walk to paradise. Chadar Trek swipes several trekkers from their dreams and makes it an integral part of their itinerary. The trek begins from Ladakh to the snow-covered settlements of the Zanskar Valley.

5.Chandrashila trek

Chandrashila Trek, in Uttrakhand is among the most popular and well-known treks for novices in India. The hike is short and it takes you on various trials that offer stunning natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. The journey to Chandrashila Peak, Nanda and Kedar peak begins from the camp's base of Chopta and can last up to five days. Trekkers can enjoy an authentic experience of himalayan culture while walking through himalayan villages, such as Sari and also visit holy places such as Tungnath temple, which is the highest Shiva temple at 3,680m higher than sea-level. The itinerary is designed so that the trekkers do not feel tired throughout the trek and have an opportunity to relax enjoying the natural beauty of various sites they visit. Every day will require a minimum of four to five hours to reach the final destination of Chandrashila Pass. The remaining hours of the day are best spent exploring the location of your stay like visiting local markets or sightseeing places. Trek to Chandrashila Peak for an amazing adventurous vacation with family and friends. As you trek through its paths shaded by trees, rough and steep terrains, you'll get to take in the breathtaking Sunset and sunrise views of the stunning Chaukhamba summit and the beautiful Deoria Tal lake.

6.The SandakphuTrek

This is yet another fantastic hiking destination in India situated inside the Indian state of West Bengal. The Sandakphu Peak is one of the most awe-inspiring places in West Bengal for those who love trekking, this is among the best trekking experiences one can be a part of. This stunning trek is about 45 kilometers in length and takes about the duration of 9 days. In the world of trekkers of West Bengal, Sandakphu is one of their top destinations to trek which offers stunning panoramas of Mount Everest and the Kanchendzonga from a height of 11,000 feet. There are also bio-diverse habitats with rare kinds of fauna and flora. Some other attractions that are popular along the way include The Valley of Poison (because of the poisonous flowers) as well as Black Pond ,which is considered sacred by Buddhists.


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