6 Ways to Design a Perfect Minimalist Kitchen

November 8, 2022

Image source: unsplash.com

A kitchen is often c considered a crown jewel of one’s home. This is where we eat, have family meetings, prepare food and sometimes just relax with a mug of a favorite hot beverage. Some believe that the kitchen should be cozy, maximalist, and full of all the details that make it warm and inviting. Although that’s perfectly fine, some people prefer a minimalist kitchen. If you are a person who prefers neatness and order, then here are some amazing ways that will help you design a perfect minimalist kitchen.

Coordinate the colors

Maximalist kitchens usually have contrasting colors or too many colorful details. However, minimalist kitchens rely more on one-color solutions, in order to keep the appeal of simplicity. Of course, you’re free to enrich the space by adding different colors, but the main goal should be to coordinate them so that everything will look minimalistic. If you love bright contrasting tones, feel free to choose a color of your choice and work your way up around it. A monochromatic color palette will make your kitchen look visually appealing without being overwhelming to the eye.

Use natural materials

Natural materials have been very en vogue for the past few years, so it is safe to say that this trend is going nowhere. When it comes to minimalist kitchens, natural materials are also your safest bet. Bringing the outdoors inside is a very fashionable idea, especially if you’re looking to have a stylish minimalist kitchen, with some warm elements. Natural elements such as stone and wood are an excellent addition to your kitchen. Add a few low-maintenance potted plants for an extra green effect, and your kitchen will be fully transformed.

Make it elegant and functional

Elegance and functionality are two staple elements of any minimalist interior design. Since minimalist kitchens don’t leave much room for extravagant details, it is important to go straight to the point. Therefore, make sure that everything is in its right place, and adequately functional. Making it streamlined and organized will also leave you with more room to add details that will make it more elegant. Fluid circulation, discreet furniture, and design are all crucial factors when it comes to contemporary kitchen design. Make sure to invest the effort to achieve enough linearity and symmetry, so your kitchen will look beautiful and very easy to use.

Sleek appliances and surfaces

Minimalism relies on sleekness and clean design in order to make a long-lasting impression. Sure, having less stuff on display is great, but in order to make the most out of it, you should make sure that your surfaces look sleek and new. So feel free to turn your appliances such as a toaster or a kettle into design items as well. Making them part of your decor will give your kitchen a uniform and elegant look. The same goes for other, much bigger appliances. For example, opting for a stylish minimal single door fridge freezer will add a sense of elegant modernity to your kitchen. Also, put away any non-essential pieces into the cupboards to create a more organized look that will be much easier for the eye.

Keep everything in the right place

This is imperative if you want to have a perfect minimalist kitchen. Make sure that every item has its defined place. Keeping all the items in the right spot will make it easier for you to find them when you’re cooking. The reality is, the kitchen can easily become very cluttered, which is why it’s essential to find a proper place for each and every item. Maintaining a clutter-free kitchen can be a bit challenging, mainly if you’re too busy. This is why you should find a system that works for you, and that will keep the clutter out of your life.

Designate each drawer for something, whether it’s cutlery items or smaller appliances. This will make it more streamlined and better looking.

Let the light in

Natural light is extremely important as it because a minimalist kitchen cannot be complete without natural light! So keep your (preferably) large windows open, especially during pleasant weather conditions. In case that’s not an option due to various reasons, then be sure to add a mirror to reflect light and make the space seem visually larger. A well-lit kitchen is also better for the mood and plays an important role when it comes to eating and food preparation.


These smart ways will help you design and maintain a perfect, functional minimalist kitchen. Minimalism is also a great way to turn your life around and make it more sustainable and eco-friendly. Starting from your own kitchen is also a great idea. As long as you keep things organized, and streamlined and include natural materials, your kitchen will look amazing and inviting.



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