6 Ways To Transform Your Home for Better Wellbeing

November 8, 2022

When you first moved into your home you probably envisioned a simple and stylish oasis you could return to at the end of a long, tiring day. After a few years of growing your family and taking care of everyone's needs, your home may feel cluttered and depressing with too many unfinished projects and insufficient time. You deserve to enjoy your home and feel comfortable and content spending time there. Here are six ways you can transform your home to improve the wellbeing of your entire family.

1. Rethink the Way Your Children Play

It's important to build a strong foundation when it comes to children's wellness, and that starts with how and where they play. Everything from the paint on the walls to the room decor and selection of toys can have an impact on your children's mental health.

Offer your kids soft and warm colors in their personal spaces. Sage green and pale turquoise are good choices to include for inspiring calm and relaxation. Revamp their play spaces to focus on exploration and discovery and avoid labeling toys as "for her" and "for him." One toy that challenges traditional gender norms is the Mattel transgender barbie. By nurturing your children's curiosity you can help set them up for healthy adulthood.

2. Bring in More Natural Light 

By bringing in more natural light into your home, you can get an instant boost to your mood. Not only do you need sunlight for vitamin D, but you also need it to help regulate your sleep and waking cycles.

If possible, consider adding a skylight to your kitchen or bathroom, which will completely change the feeling of these high-traffic areas. For a less-intensive renovation, you can simply change the type of curtains or blinds you use to embrace more natural light from existing windows. Make sure to let light in even in the winter.

3. Add Plants to Living Spaces 

Just like sunlight, adding plants to your home will give you significant health benefits. Some house plants can help clean the air in your home and others can add a pop of natural color. Being closer to nature is also beneficial for your mental health.

"Greenifying" indoor spaces is a hot trend in interior design. So you'll find lots of options at your local plant shop. Before you buy anything on impulse, set aside time to discuss house plants with an expert on the subject. Some plants, such as monstera and palm varieties, are extremely forgiving of environmental conditions and can handle flexible room conditions. Others are much more fragile and require a lot of care, such as orchids. Invest wisely and you'll be able to enjoy green indoor spaces for many years.

4. Use Natural Fabrics for Texture 

If you're feeling bored by the look of your home and want to change things up, one easy way is to add texture to rooms by including touches of natural and organic fabrics and materials. From new throw rugs to lampshades and wooden furniture, natural materials are more soothing, sustainable, and long-lasting than plastics. Some trending ways to add organic texture to your home include:

  • Macrame wall hangings and planters
  • Reclaimed wood for seating and coffee tables
  • Naturally dyed wool, cotton, or linen throw pillows
  • Textured stone for bathroom flooring, backsplash, or patio

5. Declutter Communal Areas

One critical aspect of family wellbeing is the ability to gather and spend time together, and that means you have to declutter your communal areas. It's easy to watch your dinner table and loveseat drown under piles of junk mail, school papers, clean laundry, and more. You should make it a priority to keep these areas clean so that you have a reason to sit together and have quality family time.

6. Start a Vegetable Garden or Window Box

Whether you live in a property with lots of outdoor space or in a small apartment, you can always try to grow something of your own. From herbs in small window planters to a backyard pumpkin patch, this activity is hugely beneficial for wellbeing. Plus, your family will love the challenge of growing their food and will be deeply satisfied when they make dinner with the results.

Don't overlook the importance of wellbeing when you have a busy schedule. All it takes is a few small changes to create the oasis you long for when you come home.


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