7 Differences Between Hunting and Military Camouflage

November 7, 2022

Choosing camouflage apparel might be challenging. The reason is that there are so many existing hunting camo patterns, and hunting brands are constantly creating new ones. Military apparel, on the other hand, incorporates a variety of patterns. With the popularity of tactical clothing and equipment, many hunters began to wonder if there was a distinction between hunting and military camouflage.

The following part explains the differences between military and hunting cam. If you're on the fence about which camo patterns work best and want to know if you can use military camo for hunting, keep reading.

History of Camouflage

Camouflage is a technique for hiding or disguising oneself from others to avoid danger or even death. This type of personality is abundant in animals. Camouflage means "to hide or conceal by employing any combination of colors, materials, and lighting so that the object matches the background or neighboring environment."

Military soldiers disguise themselves from opponents by donning clothing and coloring themselves. The camouflage patterns of the soldiers and hunters let them blend with the surroundings.

Camouflage was widely used in World War I trenches for the first time. Soldiers were commonly outfitted in green, flashy red, or blue uniforms before the English, French, and German forces began utilizing garments purposely colored to complement the surrounding environment.

During the late-nineteenth-century Boer War, English Rangers began utilizing customized clothing that matched the surrounding landscape, but it wasn't widely used for another three decades.

Difference Between Military Hunting and Military Camouflage

They differ in patterns

Military and hunting camo patterns differ significantly; however, some commonalities exist. All quality hunting camo designs are classified as imitation or disruption (digital or breakup).

Mimicry camouflage employs images of natural objects such as bark, branches, grass, and leaves. Digital camo, however, uses abstract forms that break up your silhouette, making it difficult to distinguish you from your surroundings.

While imitation camo works well when you are still, it becomes useless when you start moving. That is why military camo with trees and foliage graphics is unavailable.

Breakup camo, on the other hand, works well with humans and animals; however, the optical understanding of humans and animals differs. While military breakdown camo should contain complicated little parts to ensure hiding at different ranges, deer hunting apparel, for example, frequently has significant contrasting elements for hunting on the ground.

In contrast to imitation, breakup camo conceals both movement and a stationary position. Because many hunting scenarios involve sitting stationary, a good set mimicking camouflage that considers ambient factors is ideal. Military camo, on the other hand, must be versatile.

They differ in colors

Considering the contrasting purpose of these gear, the colors required for military and hunting camos differ. Military camo conceals more stains since it is designed to conceal you from human sight.

In contrast, hunting camo contains fewer colors because most animals have limited color awareness and rely on their sense of smell or hearing.

Military camouflage is more effective in moving across

Another major difference between hunting and military clothing is the ultimate distinction concerning eye detection. Military camouflage is designed to effectively move from point A to point B, even when the surrounding terrain changes.

On the other hand, hunting camouflage just needs to function at point A. You choose Point A and stay there because it is there that you will blend in the best. Moving to Point B would usually render the clothing ineffective.

Targeted terrain

Military camouflage gear is evaluated by humans, who can provide input on the effectiveness of the equipment. It is frequently designed to fit familiar terrain. Millions of dollars are spent on safeguarding the soldiers.

In contrast, even though hunters choose camouflage to blend with the surrounding, they aren’t as high-tech. These are simple pieces of clothing designed mainly to assist hunters in their game.

Hunting camo is specific to a certain type of hunting

Even though hunting camo is often tailored to a specific sort of hunting, they are available in a wide range of styles, manufactured by dozens of producers, and made from dozens of fabrics.

The market-driven diversity of civilian hunting apparel, driven by style and customer demand, significantly dwarfs the possibilities accessible to someone looking to buy military camouflage and utilize it in the field.

Military camo has levels of protection

Military camo is more than just a pattern on the outside. It also comes in various levels of protection, ranging from lightweight gear for usage in the heat or desert to insulated versions that keep a soldier comfortable in temperatures below zero.

Moreover, military camo has more compartments, zippers, and interior pockets than hunting camo. Ammunition, survival gear, GPS devices, food, and optics can all be stored in this military clothing.

Hunting gear doesn’t support temperature changes

Military gear is highly equipped with the latest technologies like temperature regulation. This is important for soldiers on a mission as they interact with various climates.

The hunting gears, however, are not designed to have automated temperature features as they are designed for specific climate conditions and terrains. This means you’ll need specific clothing for each hunting purpose.


Hunting camo differs significantly from the military one. Besides, each clothing type is designed to serve a specific purpose; hence it would be unfair to compare these two.

Significantly, the camo you choose should be appropriate for the area and type of hunting you intend to do.


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