7 Things You Need to Know When Renting A Car With a Driver in Dubai

November 16, 2022

If you've been traveling to Dubai for years, you're probably used to hopping in a cab or ordering an Uber. But if this is your first time visiting the city, renting a car with a driver can be a great way to see everything it offers, and it's affordable! However, there are some things you should know before reserving one of these cars:


The driver is available 24/7, so you can book your driver whenever you want to go anywhere in Dubai, and the driver will be there on time. You can let the company know what times and places you want to go, or they'll pick up your call once and know where to meet up. If it's a special occasion, I would advise you to let them know beforehand so they can prepare something for you. However, if not, then tell them where and when to pick you up!


When you book a car with a driver, the driver has one of two roles: either an independent contractor or working for the company that provides your booking. In any case, it's important to note that whenever you rent a car with a driver in Dubai and they should be a professional and has been vetted by their company and the Dubai Taxi Drivers Association. This group regulates taxi drivers in Dubai.

Your driver will take great care of you as he or she drives you safely from point A to point B. He or she will ensure that all of your needs are met so that your trip is enjoyable and stress-free from start to finish, and who doesn't want that? Your friendly driver will be courteous and friendly and treat everyone with respect.


The car should be in good condition, with working air conditioning and a clean interior. If you’re renting directly from a car service, they will provide the vehicle; otherwise, your driver will meet you at your hotel or home to pick up the keys and deliver them back when he returns the car. To avoid any potential problems on this last point, it’s best to have an extra set made before arriving in Dubai so that you can give one set directly to your driver while keeping another safely stored away at home or in your hotel room safe until needed later.


The price is calculated based on the number of hours you rent the car. The highest rate is for 24 hours, which decreases as time goes down. This might sound like a good deal, but here’s where it gets tricky: if you have a driver who drives carefully and slowly, he can make your trip take longer than expected than if he were to drive at normal speed limits.

So before deciding on how many hours you need for your trip, think about what kind of pace will be most comfortable for all parties involved, yourself included!


The customer care team should be available 24/7 and can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. They will help you with any problems you might have and answer any questions that you may have about the car or driver.


This is the last thing you need to know about when renting a car with a driver in Dubai.

  • What is insurance? When renting a car with a driver, the vehicle isn’t insured by the rental company. Instead, they require you to purchase additional insurance coverage before driving off the lot. The cost varies depending on which company you choose and how much coverage you want, but expect to pay anywhere between AED 400–500 per day for full liability coverage on top of your basic rental fee.

Here’s what this means: If someone hits your car while it’s parked in traffic or has an accident while both cars are moving down Sheikh Zayed Road at 100 km/h, then yes, the other person will be liable for damages! However, if he or she were speeding without warning lights like brake lights or turn signals and rear-ended your vehicle from behind at 60 km/h, then no, you won’t be able to file any claims against them because neither one of these things was caused by his negligence.


Many people want to know what additional services they can get when renting a car in Dubai. You can add several things to your rental agreement, such as GPS navigation systems, child seats, and other accessories that may be needed for special circumstances, like families with children or elderly people who may need additional comfort during their travels around Dubai.


Car rental with a driver is a great way to explore Dubai and its surrounding areas. There are so many options available here such as rent a Lambo Dubai, Porsche, Rolls Royce or Mercedes rental it can be hard to know that which cars you have to choose to travel and wether where to start. This post will help you make an informed decision on which company will best suit your needs. We hope this information has been useful for you!



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