8 Effective Tips on How to Clean and Organized Your Attic

November 22, 2022



The attic is often overlooked and forgotten. It's where we store old clothes, boxes of memorabilia, and other items we don't use anymore. The problem with the attic is that it can get cluttered over time and become hard to find things. This issue is why cleaning up the attic every once in a while is essential.

When we think about cleaning and organizing the attic, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task. That feeling is why you should start with an organized plan.

If you're planning on having a more organized and cleaner attic for your home, here are the tips you can apply to make it easier to clean the attic.

1. Use Protective Equipment

The attic is where you go when you are looking for something, but you never know what you will find. It is also a place that can be very messy because you may have left it untouched for a while. To ensure that your attic is organized and clean, you should use protective equipment such as gloves and masks.

Since the attic hasn't gotten much activity yet, you can expect that the attic is where dust and debris can accumulate quickly. Wearing gloves, masks, and goggles is a must for anyone who wants to make cleaning the attic easier.

2. Empty the Attic

The attic is often a forgotten space in the home. Since you have neglected the attic, it can lead to a buildup of dirt, dust, and debris. With this buildup, it is hard to find anything that you need. And if you do find something, it will be buried under all the mess.

It would be best if you emptied your attic when cleaning it out because it will help ensure that everything is organized and easy to find when needed.

Make sure there is enough space to store new items without them getting in the way of other things or being too cramped.

3. Wipe Away Every Inch of Dust

It is essential to clean and organize the attic because it can be a huge mess. You may need to figure out where to start, but there are some things that you can do. Some people do not want to clean the attic because they are scared of what they might find. They should not worry about it because it is just dust.

It's also good to vacuum the floor and wipe down items that have been there for a while. If you don't, you'll just be moving dirt from one place to another, making your attic look even more cluttered.

4. Clean the Floor With a Broom

Organizing the attic is a tedious task. It would help if you removed all the clutter and cleaned it thoroughly. This chore is the kind of task that you want to do with the help of tools. You will be able to do it faster and with less effort, if you use a broom to sweep away all the dust and dirt from your attic. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, dustpan, and brush if preferred.

5. Check the Room for Damages

When cleaning and organizing the attic, you should always check the room for damages. Many things could have happened to it that you didn't notice if you've left it alone for a long time. For example, water leaks can occur from the roof, a pipe outside, or if someone has broken in and vandalized your property.

You don't want to do unnecessary work or fix the damages in the attic only when it starts affecting you negatively.

6. Clean the Screens and Window Glasses

When cleaning and organizing the attic, it's essential to clean the screens and window glasses. They can become a breeding ground for bacteria if you don't clean them regularly. They collect a lot of dirt and debris from the outside, which can lead to an accumulation of dust if not cleaned regularly.

This accumulation will result in the air inside your home becoming stuffy and stale, which can harm your health. Even if you have a window fan or an air purifier, it cannot remove all the pollutants from the air.

7. Organize all the Items in the Attic

To have a clean and organized attic, you need to organize all the items in the attic. It is not enough to clean it.

The first step is to eliminate any junk you don't need. Getting rid of old clothes, toys your kids are no longer interested in, and items you haven't used in years would be best. You can donate these items or throw them away.

The next step is to group similar items. For example, put all your books together on one shelf and your furniture on another.

After this, look at how much space you have left and decide what needs to go up there. If you have a lot of storage boxes full of old paperwork from work or college, then it's time to get them out of the basement or garage and into the attic, where they'll be easier to find when you need them again.

8. Do Routine Cleaning

A clean attic is a happy attic. It feels good to be in a space free of clutter and things you don't need. A clean and organized attic also means more room for the items you want to store in your attic.

According to Home Cleaning NYC cleaning service NYC, adding the chore of cleaning your attic into the routine will make it easier for you to keep it clean. It is essential to make cleaning the attic a part of your routine when cleaning and organizing your home. Too many people need to remember to do this, leading to an unorganized and cluttered space that you'll have to deal with eventually.


If you clean and organize your attic once and for all, you have one more room in your home that you can utilize regularly. More space in your home will always be welcome, so apply these cleaning and organizing tips for yourself.


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