8 Tips For Finding Great Commercial Office Space

November 30, 2022


A home office is the birthplace of many new businesses. Many startups nowadays run entirely online, with people working from home, so the company may save money on things like housing.

A permanent office location may be necessary when your small firm expands its staff and scope of operations. Even if you already occupy an office, you may come to feel that it is inadequate for your purposes.

It's much more time-consuming and challenging to look for office space than it is to look for an apartment. In that case, choosing a small business space for rent would be ideal. Many sophisticated commercial real estate deals might lead to broker or landlord exploitation.

So, read this informative piece made by us to understand the ways to find great commercial office space.

Indications That It’s Time to Move On to a New Workplace

Most of the time, new or small businesses usually start their endeavors from home. However, at some point, it's possible that you will start to feel that the space is impeding business efficiency, regardless of how big your firm is.

In this case, a company might be wise to go for a small commercial space for rent facility. You can save money while keeping things running well in the company. When looking to get a retail space for lease, a new or small firm will benefit from any and all assistance it can get.

Discover the signs that it is time to start searching for small business space for rent for your startup firm.

You Are Scheduling Far Too Many Meetings With Clients

There is only a little room for you to work at home. And it's not separated from the rest of the "goings on" at home. You feel uneasy due to the interruptions and diversions. So you are doing client meetings at their workplaces and over lunch at restaurants and cafes.

Even if it's only for show, you should have a professional office where customers can come in and meet you. As your clientele grows in stature, you will need to upgrade from your spare bedroom to proper office space if you want to keep up appearances.

Overcrowding Is a Problem for You

The most apparent clue that you need to find a new small business space for rent is if it's too crowded. You may need to rethink your strategy if you have more workers than available office space.

In the United States, 40 square feet of floor area per employee is required, while 50 square feet is suggested. Insufficient space, crowded common spaces, and a lack of utilities may impair productivity and creativity.

The Team Needs More Members

As your firm grows, your management and administrative duties will take more time. You can now afford to hire additional personnel, and the team needs them.

Where to place them is the issue. Is there any way to subdivide the cramped home office to make room for more desks, filing cabinets, and computers? Most likely not. It is time to start looking for a small commercial space for rent to stay away from home.

Deficiency of Storage Space

When a company outgrows its office, storage may become a severe problem. More stuff equals more paperwork, supplies, and a messy office.

You May Want to Change the Look of Your Workplace

If you have just refreshed your brand and your present office space needs to reflect it, you must find a new shop space for rent.

It may be time to start searching for a new workplace if you feel that your current digs need to do more for your goals. Keep looking for a place that complements your brand and has the right ambiance.

Managed offices provide companies with 30 or more employees with greater design freedom.

There Are Now Way Too Many Distractions


Your children might get older, which can be difficult for someone who is running a business from home. There's a chance the kids are at that age when your workplace is just as much "fair game" as the rest of the home.

They may also be in primary school, have friends around often, and make a lot of noise while they have a good time. They might also be teenagers who play loud music or video games with their mates.

The constant bustle and influx of people are distracting. It's time to find a new retail space for lease, ideally one where you can focus on your business.

Your Team Is Complaining About the Lack of Space

Pay attention to employee opinions on office space since location, comfort, or perks may signal unhappiness. It might reduce their effectiveness.

Why not send out an anonymous survey to find out how your staff feels about their workspace? If you hear complaints from many workers about how unhappy they are at their current workplace, it may be time to look for a new location.

Important Tips Before You Rent Your First Office

Select the Smallest Practical Office Layout

Splurging on a friendly new office that will impress clients and prospective workers may be tempting. But you should only do so if it's essential to the success of your organization. Also, do it at a price you can easily sustain even if business slows down.

Unless you are in financial services, you don't need a showy office to impress customers. A well-located, tidy, and unassuming office might save money for the organization.

One option to save costs is to move your company's operations to a shared office or incubator. These coworking spaces are expanding to the suburbs and smaller towns.

Choose the Term of Your Lease Agreement

In New York, for instance, a typical office lease lasts between three and five years. For startups and tiny businesses that can't even predict where they will be in a year, much alone three, it's a scary amount of time to commit. A breakdown of the various room options and what they include follows.

Sublets or coworking might be the most cost-effective option if you just require a few workstations. Both are less than market rent and provide additional seating options.

Their temporary nature frequently makes up for their imperfections. Both can be discovered online, but a broker can rapidly locate good sublets. Depending on your location whether you're looking to rent office space in New York, Los Angeles, or Washington DC, read through the terms of the lease agreement to figure out if they match your needs and budget.

Think About the Convenience

Accessibility is essential when choosing a small commercial space for rent. The site should be conveniently accessible to the company owner and workers to reduce lost time and enhance production.

The location of the shop space for rent has to be easily accessible. Inconveniently situated buildings induce absenteeism, turnover, and lost productivity.

Inquire About Services Included

When looking to lease contemporary small business space for rent, it is essential to consider the facilities offered. Having a fully functioning room with up-to-date conveniences to work in may have a huge impact on your staff.

  • Office suite

It is an excellent alternative for business owners that need brand-specific communal and private spaces. Private entrances and fully-equipped kitchens are standard features.

  • Private Office

This choice is for groups of up to 15 people. With their own space, teams can adapt to changing situations and thrive. It's for newly founded companies, growing businesses, independent contractors, and novices.

  • Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desks are coworking memberships with a lockable file cabinet and workstation.

  • Virtual Office

Virtual office solutions may be handy for telecommuters who need a recognized postal address and a place to receive mail.

Locate a Reliable Broker

Source: Pixabay

What if you outgrow your incubator or coworking space? Here, a commercial real estate broker specializing in office space might be helpful.

If you need a local broker, contact other business owners for advice. The best brokers are ones you can trust for the life of your firm; they are also good consultants.

Keep your anticipated growth in retail space for lease in mind when you negotiate. Even if you just have three workers now, you will need to prepare for a much larger workforce in the future. It's frustrating to move into a new place only to realize that you have outgrown it in a few months.

If you must sign a larger lease than required, try subletting to local professionals needing flexible office space.

Stay Away From Legal Trouble

Think things out thoroughly before signing a business office lease. It's essential to focus on the lease's duration, start date, and renewal provisions.

Do the rent payments cover the price of insurance, taxes, and maintenance? When will I get my security deposit back, and what are the requirements? What kind of shared spaces do you get for your rent payment?

If you have never looked at a small commercial space for rent before, you may be surprised at how intricate it can be. Before signing a lease, have a real estate lawyer review your agreement.

You will need a plan if the roof leaks or the AC breaks during the next heat wave. Also, discuss early lease termination. Never sign an office lease without first taking the time to iron out all the kinks. If you have made a good decision, you may end up spending a lot of time in your new digs.

Make a Plan for Your Finances

Picking an expensive office building might have dire financial consequences for your company. Your mental health will greatly benefit from the time and effort spent determining a reasonable budget. It's essential to put money into your business and your ambition if you want both to succeed.

Consider the cost of utilities, maintenance, taxes, mail delivery, and furniture when budgeting for an office.

Learn Building Safety and Maintenance

Any member of your team should prioritize safety and security above all else. You and your teammates should feel safe no matter where you work.

Investigate the safety precautions of the small business space for rent that have been taken. Examples include keycard access, security cameras, and emergency preparations. If technical or mechanical issues are resolved swiftly, that's a good sign.

Final Words

Whether you decide to purchase or lease, making the right choice for office space is a significant undertaking. The good news is that many areas have various excellent choices and knowledgeable experts who can help you make the best choice.


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