9 DIY Exterior Home Improvements for Added Kerb Appeal and Function

November 16, 2022

Although you may not be thinking of selling your home in the near future, it’s something that has crossed your mind in recent years. With the seller’s market as strong as it is now, that one-time faraway date might come sooner than you think. However, the one thing you know you need to do to increase the value of your property is to give a little TLC to the exterior of your home. Here are a few ideas for DIY exterior home improvements that will not only add that much-needed kerb appeal but add function as well.

1. Start with a Manicured Lawn

Before doing anything else, it is vital to start with a well-manicured lawn. It will make such a difference as you begin thinking of things you would like to add. The only way to see areas that need improvement is to start with a ‘clean slate.’ Once you have the grass brought down to a desired height and all the edging done, you can begin painting that picture in your head of that beautiful and functional exterior you desire.

2. Add a Functional Garden Building

Not all garden buildings are built for the purpose of serving as sheds. Some provide space for a quiet home office, others are built to serve as a year-round greenhouse, and others yet serve as playhouses for the kids. You can even undergo a DIY project to erect a multipurpose building to be used for two or more functions such as a greenhouse divided with a shed to store your tools.

The one thing you really want to be careful with is making sure it is structurally sound with a waterproof roofing system. Corrugated roofing like a Corrapol PVC installation is often recommended because it is lightweight and easy for home DIYers to manage. Not only is a proper installation waterproof but you will find that Corrapol stormproof roofs withstand some of the blusteriest weather the UK weatherman can throw at you. If seeing is believing, you can learn more here.

3. Add a Touch of Glamour with Hardscaping

Some of the most elegant homes are being featured in Lawn and Garden books because of the exquisite hardscaping they have added to their property. Bear in mind that exterior DIY projects are not limited to those that are connected to the home, but anything that is within your boundary lines.

Hardscaping is the epitome of artistic landscaping. While some homes have hardscaped gardens with plants shooting up from the pebbles, others create a mosaic of outdoor tiles that can be used as a foundation for gazebos and arbours. Sometimes an outdoor café style table with an umbrella is placed on the mosaic tiles, so start with the hardscaped foundation and build up from there.

4. Build a Firepit to Enjoy All Year

As the months turn colder, many people don’t like to spend much time outdoors. However, one of the most popular trends right now are those lovely stonewalled firepits around which to sit on a cold autumn evening. Some families will even roast marshmallows over the open flame or build a tea kettle carrier to keep beverages hot while watching the leaves fall from the trees. This makes another element to add to that hardscaped area you’ve created above.

5. A Covered Outdoor Hot Tub or Sauna

Would you believe that some people will go out in the coldest of weather to climb comfortably into that heated hot tub they’ve built into the ground in their back yard? Of course, if you are brave of heart, you might want to have a covered hot tub with the roof being crafted in much the same way as the garden building mentioned above with waterproof roofing to keep out those chill showers so prominent in the UK.

If you don’t want to build walls, you can hang bamboo curtains that can be rolled up or down as needed. If it gets too cold outside, the warmth from the hot tub will keep the interior warm as the shades are pulled down. This isn’t a DIY project you can do over a weekend, however, because water pipes, drains and electricity will need to be installed. Even so, if you have all the supplies on hand, you might be able to complete this project in just a couple of weeks.

6. Combination Fountain and Birdbath

There is almost nothing as tranquil as an outdoor fountain, but perhaps one that also serves as a birdbath. While not all species of those lovely, winged creatures enjoy gurgling water, there are some that will happily flap around on the surface as long as it stays liquid! Even so, if the water is running strongly enough to shoot a spout up a bit into the air, it will keep the water in the basin from freezing most of the time.

7. A Decorative Fence Along the Front-Facing Edge of the Property

This is an outdoor element that is both functional and decorative. While being able to keep any stray animals or kids off the lawn, you can grow climbing vines up the posts to add a bit of colour to your garden. Some families also plant flowers along the base to add even more colour and if you aren’t a flower person, you might try any variety of evergreen shrubs.

8. An Outdoor Swinging Bench

Although you can purchase pre-cut swings to assemble at home, it’s really more fun to take out the saw to cut lumber to your own specifications. You can easily find “how-to directions” online that will walk you through everything from measuring to cutting to sealing the wood to keep it weatherproofed throughout the entire year. This is not the type of swings for toddlers, but rather one for the adults to relax in on a warm summer’s evening.

9. A Garden Trellis

In many parts of the world, homeowners build garden trellises through which they thread climbing vines. You can still see them in parts of Italy where grapevines grow up and bear fruit year after year after year. Of course, there are flowering vines as well, so it’s really up to you what kind of plant you’d like to grow there, but fruit vines are both lovely and edible! In fact, there are several types of berries that grow on climbing plants such as blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries. Then, did you know that kiwi fruit grows on a vine? You will surely agree that climbing fruit vines are the best way to enjoy the fruit of your labour!

A Mix and Match Approach

There you have nine different DIY projects that can add function or beauty or both to your property. If you are looking to enhance your home’s kerb appeal, almost nothing works better than something that is lovely to look at while serving a function at the very same time. In fact, you might have so much fun designing these DIY projects that you may never want to list your home for sale. Even so, you can always enjoy the beauty you’ve created knowing that one day another family will have the same appreciation for those elements that most appeal to you.


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