9 Reasons To Move To New Bern, North Carolina

November 30, 2022

As one of the oldest cities in North Carolina, New Bern continues to be a popular location for people to move to. More specifically, many that choose to move to the city tend to be young professionals looking to start a family, which naturally has the population increasing quite quickly. Time Magazine named New Bern one of America's Best Small Towns, but why has this city developed such a positive reputation? And why should you consider moving there? This article aims to delve into this in-depth, highlighting some of the best things this city has to offer.

High Levels Of Diversity
Many cities that have low levels of diversity tend to be relatively unpopular for people looking for a new place to live. Ultimately, the USA is a very diverse country made up of people from all backgrounds and cultures. Because of this, when a city becomes an area that is inhabited by a large majority of one culture, it can often feel as though anyone else isn't welcome. New Bern is not one of these places. In fact, half of the population of New Bern is made up of people of color, with over 30 percent being African American. Diversity and multiculturalism are incredibly important for many reasons. In particular, sharing in other cultures can broaden the mind. This is very positive if you're raising kids somewhere rich in diversity, as it will help them develop a broader understanding of our world.

Small-Town Vibe
While many people will enjoy the hustle and bustle of a sprawling metropolitan city like NYC and Chicago, they can become overwhelming and unpleasant to many others. Often, you'll find lots of people leaving these places, searching for a small-town vibe instead. While New Bern is still an urban area with many amenities that come with that, it is still blessed with that smaller, more community-driven atmosphere. You're much more likely to get to know your neighbor here than in one of the country's larger cities. You'll also get to enjoy many of the fun and pleasant events being run in your local area, whether it's military marches, carnivals, or car shows.

Low Cost Of Living
One of the most important considerations for most people when it comes to finding a new place to live is the cost of living in the areas they're looking at. New Bern has a lower-than-average cost of living, making things like groceries, rent, and even luxury items more affordable on average than in other areas around the state and the country. Of course, it's worth remembering that a low cost of living often means that salaries tend to be lower, but in general, for those that have already accrued wealth elsewhere, this is unlikely to be a problem.

Decent Education
The city of New Bern offers families great access to some high-quality schools. These schools are under the jurisdiction of the Craven County Schools system and are very much focused on developing the skills of the youth in the area to suit the industry and workforce around the county. As well as these skills, Craven County Schools also aim to equip their students with the STEM skills required to allow them to set their sights further afield, too. This helps them to compete on national and even global levels with other candidates in the future.

Affordable Housing
Naturally, one of the most important things to consider when moving somewhere is whether or not the housing options are suitable for you. New Bern and North Carolina, in general, offer relatively affordable housing options. These include various property types, from apartments and condos to small houses and large family homes. When looking for New Bern homes for sale, check out the EZ Home Search site for a great variety of choices. As well as choosing the right house for you, keep the location in mind. Many different areas within New Bern are going to suit different individuals and families. Whether you're after the hustle and bustle of the historic Downtown district or the small-town vibes of Trent Woods, you'll definitely be able to find something right for you.

Stunning Landmarks
As the second oldest city in the state, New Burn is full to the brim of exciting historical landmarks and venues for you to visit. This is a treasure trove of knowledge just waiting to be unlocked for the history buff, and for the casual, inquisitive mind, it's a handful of great days out for you and the family. There are four historic districts within the city, and these are all listed on the NRHP. There are churches, homes and other buildings such as stores which date all the way back to the 1700s and so exploring the city streets is going to continuously present you with interesting places to visit.

Beautiful Natural Space
When living in a place devoid of natural spaces like parks and other green areas, many of us can feel trapped. A lack of access to nature can have a seriously negative impact on our mental health, but luckily, New Bern is not one of these places. The city has a number of fantastic outdoor areas, such as Creekside Park, Island Creek Trail, and Latham Whitehurst Nature Park, to name a few. As well as these areas, you'll also find plenty of outdoor activities such as dog parks, a splash park, and golf courses. These areas are especially important for those raising a family as they can provide you with fun and entertaining things to do with your family to strengthen your bond as a family unit. These places also help to provide your kids with the chance to expand their minds and learn about the natural world around them.

Thriving Downtown District
When moving to a smaller city from a larger one, a common concern tends to be that the city center or downtown district just isn't going to be satisfying. Luckily, New Bern's downtown is filled with great restaurants, bars, and other venues to keep you entertained day and night. This thriving downtown district has been improving year after year, and today it is now a fantastic place for couples and families to enjoy visiting regularly. For young professional couples or individuals out there, an apartment in the downtown district is also a fantastic choice, as you'll be right where all the action is. While the downtown area is filled with activity, it's also not overwhelming like cities such as NYC, LA, or even Raleigh.

Great Coastal Location
Being situated on the east coast, North Carolina generally experiences great weather all year round, with most of the state also being situated in the subtropics. North Carolina and neighboring states like South Carolina do occasionally experience extreme weather, but this is a risk you'll have to expect when living along most coastlines. Hot and sunny summers and mild winters make the place perfect for those looking for that all-year-round vacation feeling. As well as this living in a coastal city like New Bern also provides you with easy access to great beaches, watersport areas, and also great seafood, too. The city is located within the Inner Banks region of the state. These areas are essentially a mixture of inland and coastal, as they have long waterways piercing the landscape which reach out to the Atlantic. You could easily take a boat along the Neuse River out to the Atlantic or head to one of the great beaches like Atlantic beach via route 70, which will only take you about an hour or so.

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