Benefits of an Underground Concrete Tank

November 16, 2022

A steady water supply is an essential requirement for any residential space. Unfortunately, water rationing and supply cuts are quite common. Water tanks offer an excellent solution for supply shortages and interruptions.

Tanks primarily come as above-ground units and underground installations. The former is inexpensive and easy to install. Moreover, above-ground tanks can be installed in high-pressure zones like roofs. Unfortunately, the tanks have a limited capacity and look bad when placed in open spaces. On the other hand, underground tanks offer unique benefits that make them a better option.

Large Capacity

Underground tanks are known for their unlimited capacity; however, this is not true for all tanks. Buried steel and PEP tanks have limitations on capacity, but they offer more storage than above-water tanks. On the other hand, the capacity of concrete tanks is only limited by the owner's specifications. There are no dimensions that are unattainable for an underground concrete water tank.

Underground concrete tanks can go deep or wide to meet the capacity requirements. Moreover, the tanks can extend below the house's foundation to maximise space.

Construction of large underground tanks is best done during the construction of the house. This ensures the overall stability of the house remains intact, and all reinforcements are made during the initial construction work. As a rule of thumb, the larger the capacity of the tank, the more support is needed.

Unmatched Durability

Underground tanks are known to outlive their owners. Buried steel and PEP tanks are designed to stand years of wear and tear. However, underground concrete tanks offer the best durability.

Concrete is a strong material that's been used in construction for years. It's used to make huge skyscrapers and expansive structures that stand for centuries. Therefore, its application in underground tank construction yields similar performance.

As an added advantage, concrete tanks welcome reinforcement to contain high pressures. Steel is often the material of choice for reinforcement, but glass fibres and polypropylene fibres can also be used.

Steady Water Supply

Underground concrete tanks ensure residences enjoy a steady water supply. The tanks form part of a water collection system that sources its input from rainwater and the council supply. In many setups, the water from the underground tank is pumped into a holding tank. The tank serves as the house's supply point and is installed above the ground to build enough pressure for passive drainage.

Since underground concrete tanks guarantee a steady supply, they are great for off-grid houses. Moreover, the tanks come in handy in drought-stricken residential areas.

Multipurpose Use

Underground concrete tanks serve as great storage units for clean water and reserves for wastewater and industrial water. Moreover, the tanks are collection points for flood water.

Underground concrete tanks also serve as water reserves for fighting bushfires. Unlike steel and PEP tanks that are vulnerable to fires, concrete can take on high temperatures and pressures.

Increase in Property Value

An underground concrete tank is an excellent investment for a residential property. For most tenants, the mention of an underground tank is a guarantee of a steady water supply. Therefore, it's a selling point. Moreover, a house with an underground tank is certain to fetch more on the property market.

Inconspicuous Look

Unlike above-ground tanks that stick out as eyesores, underground concrete tanks maintain an inconspicuous look. Although the hatch rests above ground level, it only occupies a small space. As a result, underground concrete tanks don't interfere with the exterior design of a home. They give landscapers an easier time in developing beautiful spaces around the house.


Underground concrete tanks have a low lifetime cost. Although the upfront price tag on installation is high, maintenance and repair costs are extremely low. As a result, the tank is an inexpensive solution to water shortages and rationing.

Save space and water with an underground concrete tank. It's a worthwhile investment; therefore, start your installation today.


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