Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

November 21, 2022

When it comes to a wedding, decor is one of the major things that draw your attention. But wedding centerpieces consume a big chunk of the total budget; most of the time, they are used only once. This factor pulls the attention toward the cheap wedding centerpiece ideas that will make your day. Here I’ve brought some on-budget wedding centerpiece ideas.

Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


Play with Paper

When looking for cheap wedding centerpiece ideas, don’t forget to think about the paper decor. For paper decors, you only require two things. The first is the paper, and the second and most important is creativity. With multi-color and various types of paper, you can make various centerpieces ranging from flowers to vases. For checking more paper decor ideas, do visit pinterest.

Food Arrangement

When anyone thinks about the wedding, it’s very hard to overlook the food. A variety of foods are part of any wedding table. You can arrange them in such a way, besides fulfilling the appetite, they will also fill the table with colors. Are you worried about how I can do it? Be out of worry, as it is a simple task. Mix the contrast as the contrast highlights more than any other arrangement. It would be best if you also considered that there should be symmetry from the micro-level to the macro level, i.e., from a dish to the whole table.

Crystal Clear Jars

Every house has crystal clear glass or plastic jars that come along with your groceries. Most of the time, they remain idle. A wedding is a perfect time to turn them into stunning centerpieces. Gather some idle jars and wrap them with glittering or some designed paper. Now, they are ready to serve as a cheap wedding centerpiece. Whether you make it a candle holder or turn it into a vase is up to you.


Using balloons is one of the cheapest and jaw-dropping wedding decor ideas to help you save your bucks. Do balloons perfectly fit for birthday and kids' parties? Yes, you are probably right up to some extent, but you can use them on the eve of your big day, i.e., your wedding day. You have to buy multicolored and multi-shaped balloons from your nearby store. Then the only thing is to place them according to your wedding theme, i.e., at a photo booth, arch-way, stage, etc. you can also create a separate kid's area with these balloons, where the young kiddos, which come with their parents, can play.

Seasonal Flowers

The most powerful statement that you can create with anything is the flowers. The selection of appropriate colors, textures, and type is critical. About selection, you can consult with your florist. Flowers consume a big chunk of the decor budget. But here, you can save your bucks with a simple move to use present-season flowers. There are many reasons they cut down the budget, i.e., locally available and present in abundance. You can also use your backyard flowers at your wedding tables.

Hanging Tealights

Whether you marry indoors or outdoors, you can make your venue more romantic and attractive. For the creation of romantic and attractive sceneries, nothing can surpass tealight candles. By placing them at the dark corners of your wedding venue, you can change the face of your entire view. Moreover, it glitters more when you hang them. You can hang them with trees, i.e., in outdoor venues. Don't be upset; hanging tea light holders will be there if you plan to be married indoors. It will help you to make the statement.

Flower Stand

Everyone wants to elevate the table look but with grace. Here the floral stands come into action. You can arrange the flowers on the top of floral stands according to your wedding theme and table pattern. They look great and make the table eye-catching. Check out these crystal wedding centerpieces to meet your goal economically.

Rental Centerpieces

Centerpieces often consume a big chunk of your wedding budget, but if you are marrying on a short budget but interested in incorporating some classic styles. Although it may sound strange, you can ask your decorator about some centerpieces. Mostly, they have centerpieces. If they have, rent them for your big day and fill your entire space.


Candles are the trump card for cheap wedding centerpiece ideas. Candles do magic where they are placed. You can add variety according to your desire, as there are different candle styles, i.e., votive, stick, tealight, and pillar. You can use them in combination with other centerpieces. However, candles have enough grace to rectify the entire table view solely. The arrangement of candles could be tricky, but it will be easy with candle holders.

Pot Plants

Using pot plants as a wedding centerpiece is an excellent idea if you are looking for economical centerpieces. Before going to the nursery, glance over your backyard to see if there is any pot plant. If you find it there, then use them as centerpieces. The other thing that you should consider with plants is the pot. The appropriate color and size of pots help to elevate the entire scene. After completion of your ceremony, you can donate it to a church or synagogue. In this way, they will last longer than the ceremony and benefit our ecosystem.


Centerpieces are the critical feature of any wedding decor; they usually eat a big chunk of the budget. Therefore, people always look forward to economic centerpiece ideas that play their role and make your big day beat in mind for ages. You have learned about such ideas in this article. These ideas are 100% applicable. Besides these centerpieces, you can also find some fantastic deals and designs of centerpieces at Nuptio.

If you have any queries in your mind, then please let us know in the comment section.


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