Children's Playroom Design Ideas To Inspire

November 23, 2022

Out of all the rooms in our homes, the playroom is by far the most unique - it’s the only room set aside for fun. However, fun activities seldom happen spontaneously. They often result from inspiration from the environment and people, and that’s why you’ve landed on this page.

Are you a fun-loving person looking for creative ways to inspire fun at your home?

Read on and learn about simple design ideas that will motivate your kids (and anyone else in the playroom) to indulge in unending fun. From inspiring music spaces to indoor climbing walls, and unique getaway dens, you will find several ideas that inspire creativity, action, and fun.


Start by thinking about themes

Now that you want to inspire fun, the next obvious question in your mind is, where or how do you start? Thinking up the playroom could be daunting if you have no clue or can’t settle on a starting point. Fortunately, you can simplify the process. Think about themes.

Is there a theme that resonates with your kids and can apply throughout the room?

An overall theme that reflects your kids’ personality will help you quickly narrow down other design aspects like colors, decor, and furniture. Perhaps you are going for a jungle or animal theme? If so, make sure to incorporate bright colors, animal soft toys, and perhaps even cat paintings of your child’s favorite pet?

Once you have sorted the fundamentals, you can let the kids inject their personality with decor, toys, and games to incorporate.

Set up a stage

If you have teens - or want-to-be teens - one of the must-have zones in the playroom is a music section. You can use draping to partition one side and create a stage. Then set up all the musical instruments so the kiddos can play (or perform to an imaginary audience) whenever they feel inspired.

Consider a drum set for kids, a keyboard, percussion instruments, and perhaps even a mini guitar.

  • Establish the location and size of your stage
  • Figure out the furniture and storage solutions
  • Choose the instruments to place on the stage
  • Choose decor and props.

Learning and practicing musical skills can help kiddos develop motor skills, improve their balance and coordination, sharpen their listening skills, and learn about cultures around the world.

Create a den

Although playrooms should often be loud and full of laughter, there are times when your kids may want to be alone in a quiet little den. You can create a zone for this quiet time, a space that will spark their imagination.

Set up a small tent inside the playroom and label it the quiet zone! You can either buy a tent online or DIY one with your kiddos which you can personalize to your liking.

Incorporate a stylish reading or artists’ nook

If you have a quiet zone in the playroom, complement it by inspiring silent, creative activities.

Reading and art often top the list of fun (but silent)activities. They are also a crucial part of their development.

Identify an accessible corner in the playroom where the kiddos can neatly tuck away or retrieve their reading or artist materials and set up a stylish reading or artists’ nook. You can use nice wall hooks to mount it, then fill it with the stuff that will stir the children’s imagination, and make the area around it inviting with cushions and a fluffy friend or two.

Let them write and draw on the walls

Sometimes when a child is quietly engaged, they could be busy creating a mess, like writing on all the wrong surfaces. For most parents, that behavior could drive you off the roof.

It is an opportunity to learn and be creative. Allow the little one to write on specific walls - the playroom walls. Set up chalkboard wallpaper and some classroom furniture, and provide plenty of chalk in the playroom, check out A Maker's Studio for chalk arts. You can take it a notch higher to encourage creativity with activities like taking selfies whenever there is a new wall-art creation.

Create a climbing wall in the playroom

An indoor climbing wall is excellent, especially for rainy, cold, or snowy days when the kiddos can’t hang out outdoors. You can go for a prefab climbing frame or set aside a part of the wall and fix climbing holds. Enlist the help of your kiddos when setting up and inspire them to indulge in indoor climbing whenever they are in the playroom.

If wall climbing is their thing, consider setting up a soft or padded floor beneath the climbing zone. You will thank us later.


Pick furniture and accessories that inspire play

Playroom furniture and accessories can also inspire play. For example, you can accessories with a hopscotch rug or include furniture designed in line with the theme, like race car-shaped chairs. A race track rug may inspire the athlete inside, but you’ll need plenty of space for that.

Add plenty of storage

The design ideas above are just the tip of the iceberg. They will inspire play and fun in anyone who steps into the playroom. But they could also leave you with a lot of clutter. Therefore, as you design the playroom, think about storage.

Set aside spaces where you can install shelves with wicker baskets. If the budget allows, you can install cupboards and cabinets. Coordinated storage not only helps to keep you sane but will also accentuate your playroom design.


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