Common Signs of Pest Infestation at Home

November 14, 2022




Pests can get into your home without your knowledge. Before you know it, these unwanted guests have already stayed there permanently. They can cause various problems, like health issues, damage in the house, and foul smells that can be uncomfortable. You must get rid of these pests to eliminate these problems. Knowing the signs of pest infestation can help prevent these concerns, as you can take action right away when you see them in your house. Here are some of the signs.


If you see droppings in various areas of the house, it's a clear sign of pest infestation. However, it's typically hard to determine an infestation through droppings for other pests. It's usually a rodent's droppings that are easily visible. Mice and rats are both rodents. They mainly differ in size as rodents are bigger, while mice are smaller. Nevertheless, both could be a hassle at home because they chew on your things and food. They also multiply fast, so you need to control them as soon as you see a sign that you have them. This is when a pest control London expert should be called in to handle the situation!

Foul smell or odour

Another tell-tale sign of pest invasion is a foul smell or odour. Even if you clean and deodorise your home, if the main cause is still there, it will keep coming back, and it could be uncomfortable. You will not be able to relax properly with the bad smell. Cockroaches have a musty, oily, and pungent smell, so you can tell immediately that you have a number of them in your place. Rodents also have this distinct smell that's almost similar to urine. Homeowners around Yorkshire can hire a reliable pest control Doncaster company to take care of the infestation. These experts have the tools and experience to remove all pests from your home expertly. With their help, your house will be free from the foul odour brought about by the infestation and all other problems that may come with it.

Damages on equipment or house

Pests may also chew on anything they could put their teeth on, so if you see damages in your wirings, furniture, and appliances, they could be the culprit. They could also make their way to your pantry, eating foods, even those in containers. The food goes to waste, which also means wasted money.


Nests on some pests, like ants and bees, are easier to spot than others. However, nests from rodents are hard to detect since they are usually hidden. The pest control experts will search your place thoroughly to ensure that your home is completely pest-free.


Footprints are clear signs of pest infestation. Smear marks may also appear instead of footprints on other pests like cockroaches. Following these footprints or marks could lead you to where they go and hide, so you’ll know where to catch them.

Weird noise or sound

Squeaks and scratches under floorboards, on the back of the walls, or on the ceilings are also signs of pest infestation.

Take note of these signs, and get help from pest control experts if you notice any of them. They can get rid of the problem for you.



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