Decorating with colour: Statement sofas

November 11, 2022


So you’ve decided that you want that brightly coloured sofa, but you don’t know where to start to make your living room look like a work of art.

What does it take to successfully style a statement sofa? To complete the picture, you also need a suitable colour scheme for accent items and other decor items. We have a few tips to get you started on a living room that will have your friends and family wowed.

How to style with bold colours

Pick out the right sofa

As exciting as it sounds to have a vibrantly coloured sofa, you need to take time to think about it before you commit. This is a piece of furniture that you will be living with for a long time, so you want to make sure you don’t have any doubts about it. Consider the size of the sofa and where it will be in the room. The trick is to ensure that the statement sofa doesn’t overpower the room but brings it to life.


Buy pieces from different places

Speaking of overpowering, you don’t want to crowd the space with items that are too similar in colour. To avoid this, look for your items in different places. You might see something you like from Leons Black Friday 2022 for example, and then look for curtains and pillows somewhere else. You also don’t want to turn your house into an advertisement for the one store you went to. Explore several stores, pick objects that speak to you, and incorporate decor items from your own travels. A diverse mix will work wonders and give the room some character.


Accessorise, Accessorise

Start a mood board or vision board for your space before you commit to adding certain details. Choose about four main colours, then choose how you will incorporate them into your furnishing. You could go with different shades of blue for example, or you could try to find ways that you will connect the colour of the sofa with paintings, a rug or lamps for example. Having similar shades in smaller items will make the space more aesthetically pleasing. Another way to do this is to mix and match different textures. A sofa with wooden legs and a matching coffee table for example will go well with each other. Or if you decide on a velvet sofa, consider a velvet rug or a velvet pillow in a different colour.


You have two options in terms of a colour scheme:

  1. A fantastic method to balance out the statement sofa and decor is with white or neutral tan shades. Put the sofa in front of a white wall, and use neutral-coloured curtains or a neutral-coloured rug.


2. Mix different patterns and textures with your accessories. If done incorrectly, this can be overwhelming so start small. Start with a textured print with one colour, then add an item with a geometric design, or a striped pattern. Try different options to see what works together. You can also opt for wallpaper or wall paint that contrasts the furniture.


Throws and pillows

When it comes to balancing colour and texture in a space, cushions and throws are your best friends. They are easy to switch out, rearrange, and sometimes even change seasonally, making it simple to update your décor.

It might seem a little scary at first, but with the right colour schemes and decor, you can have a living room that looks and feels good.



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