Factors to Consider Before You Purchase an Air Purifier

November 8, 2022

Poor indoor air quality is often more polluted than the outdoors. Since we spend most of our time indoors, exposure puts us at risk for numerous ailments that can't thrive without proper ventilation such as allergies and asthma attacks.

A clean filter will help you create better living conditions with improved respiratory health. Visit this air purifier website before shortlisting any product for your needs. 

The Importance of Air Purifiers

Using our Product Finding Wizard, you can find the perfect air purifier to fit your needs. For example some models are designed with specific purposes in mind like allergy relief or pet dander removal.

Others provide general wellness benefits such as improved breathing capacity and reduced energy costs due their ability to help remove harmful agents from indoor environments.


If you're allergic to dust, pollen and other indoor allergens then it's time for an air purifier that will help keep your home free of those pesky particles. There are models available with HEPA filters which trap all types or sizes so they don't get through into the room wherever possible.


The Asthma Air Purifier is the perfect solution for those with asthma who want to enjoy clean air. Not only does it remove odors and chemical fumes, but also HEPA filters will capture allergen particles so you can feel safe in your home or workplace every day.


Smoke air purifiers can remove smoke and other associated fumes that could aggravate existing respiratory conditions or cause unpleasant odors in your environment.

How to Choose the Right Size Air Purifier?

To find out if an air purifier is right for you, consider the size of your room and what type or severity level allergies/asthma is. An important factor when choosing a new device should be its ACH rate; this refers to how often it can filter allegiance within one hour's time span.

The most important factor in determining what kind of air purifier you should buy for your home is how often does it change? The answer to this question will help determine which type would work best. 

If four hours isn't enough time before moving into a new place or having guests over, then consider investing $150-$500 on an intermittent model that requires maintenance every few days because allergen exposure can lead someone with asthma/allergies into crisis mode when they're already feeling sick.

The size of your home is the most important factor when deciding which type and model to buy. We have three different categories: small, medium or large based on how many people live in each space as well as their overall level cleanliness. The difference between a personal rooms sized 300 sq. ft., whole house models up 1890 sq Ft) can be dramatic so make sure you read our descriptions carefully.

Which Attributes Should An Air Purifier Ideally Have?

The right type of air purifier can make a world of difference in your home. But what if you want to do more than just keep the pollution out? Consider whether or not it's worth spending extra for features such as HEPA filters, carbon monoxide monitors and even remote controlled models so that those around cannot turn them on without permission.

In today's world of high tech gadgets, there are many different ways to make your home comfy and clean. One great way is by using an energy star rated air purifier which will help you save money on electricity as well give off better indoor Air Quality.

You'll be able to control these devices remotely with ease through Wifi so they're always within arm reach whether at work or play while also being discreet enough not to interfere with any other household appliances if needed. They come equipped with casters wheels for mobility.

The Most Ideal Places to Put Your Air Purifier

Portable air purifiers are great for rooms where you spend most of your time, like the bedroom. But keep in mind that they're only designed to work well with one person living at a time so if you have more than two family members who need an indoor environment suitable enough to breathe easily throughout their day then consider investing into multiple units.

The whole house air purifier is a great choice for those who want to improve their indoor environment without sacrificing the comfort they need. It's portable so you can take it with you wherever life takes your home, and its energy-efficient features make sure that every dollar spent on this device goes further than any other investment possible.

What Kind of Maintenance do Air Purifiers Need?

The need for maintenance with an air purifier depends on the type and quality of filter that it uses. In general, these machines will need to be cleaned or replaced every few months as long as they're being used regularly which helps keep your home clean from harmful particles like dust mites, pollen etc., along with other germs such as viruses found in bacteria riddled fruits & vegetables.

A lot can change when you move into a new house especially if there are renovations happening right next door. You may want to get rid of all those pesky construction trucks parking directly outside your front doors.

The lifespan of an air purifier's filters is dependent on how often they're used. HEPA and carbon are typically lasting about six months each while pre-filters can go up to three, but there will always be models in between that offer you convenience without sacrificing quality with their washable design.

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