November 19, 2022

Over the years, commercial umbrellas have transformed from just being a means of protection for the hot weather or rain to highly functional tools that might help in growing your businesses.

Whether you own a café, restaurant, or simply a grocery store, outdoor umbrellas provide multiple advantages to your commercial enterprise. If you are thinking about how you can use your café umbrellas to increase revenue from your business, you are reading the right blog.

We will be telling you the reasons why you should be purchasing a commercial market umbrella for your outdoor business and how taking this measure can contribute to developing your business.

Reasons why you need a commercial umbrella

The primary purpose of an outdoor umbrella is to provide shade for your customers. Irrespective of the business you are running, an umbrella serves as a shield for your guests, protecting them from weather elements — both the sun and rain. In fact, the umbrellas can act as a sheltering place where your patrons can stay in till they feel ready or comfortable enough to leave.

So here few ways how you can increase revenue by using quality commercial umbrellas.

    • Transform an area: Adding umbrellas is the perfect way to transform your patio or outdoor space into an elegant zone for customers to enjoy. A beautifully decorated shaded area could be the perfect hangout spot for your customers where they can enjoy their meals comfortably.

    • You are guarded against all weather conditions: Australian weather is fickle. While it could be sunny at one moment, showers can roll in suddenly too. However, if you can shade most of your outdoor area, you are likely to be sorted! This means that you can continue using your outdoor area irrespective of how bad the weather gets as your customers would be protected from the elements and can continue to enjoy their patronage, while you continue to enjoy the profits.

    • Protection from UV rays: As mentioned above, commercial umbrellas help protect you and your guests from the sun and harmful UV rays. Being overexposed to the sun — be it standing or sitting —   can put your and your customers’ health at risk. But umbrellas can act as a barrier between you and the sun. Your customers will feel a lot safer while coming to your place knowing that they will be well-protected from potential sun-induced skin damage.

    • Extend your branding: If you own a business, it’s extremely important that you promote your brand so that people notice you. These days, much of the branding is being done through social media — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But a good way to extend your branding beyond your commercial space is through outdoor advertising. For this, you can always use your commercial market umbrellas as branding tools as they help you in making your business recognisable and memorable. This is incredibly important as it brings in repeat customers and builds brand loyalty.

    • Increase your space: If you have an empty and unused space in your commercial enterprise, you are simply leaving money on the table. By erecting nicely-designed café umbrellas, you can make the most of sidewalks, back areas and gardens. Additionally, you can also buy stylish outdoor furniture or install soft lighting to make the space more vibrant or create a nice mood and ambience. This will encourage customers to spend more time at your establishment, which, in turn, would rake in more moolah for you.
  • Attract new customers: Umbrellas with unique designs and patterns can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your outdoor area. Since these umbrellas come in different beautiful shades, bold colours, and styles, you can always choose or customise umbrellas in the way that you would like.

In fact, if you are planning to install multiple umbrellas, you can mix and match different shades to make your restaurant and café look more appealing. This welcoming set-up would not likely draw more guests but attract new customers also.

  • Create a great customer experience: Gone are the days when your customers used to rate your commercial enterprise on how good your product or service was. Now, their loyalty depends on the quality of customer experience you can offer. In a bid to attract new customers and retain your old patrons, you need to think beyond creating a good product

Instead, you should focus your attention on how to enhance the customer experience. Installing commercial umbrellas can do the job for you. They not only make your guests feel comfortable but also serve the crucial purpose of protecting them against the elements. This helps in improving the customer experience and resulting in creating a good brand name for your business.


Commercial umbrellas not only add a touch of class to the outdoor space of your business enterprise, but they also protect your guests from the sun and rain. Today, you are not restricted to one style, one shade, and one size but can choose from a wide range of options, thereby giving you the freedom to select the style and designs that suit your outdoor area. However, we should advice you to go for a good quality commercial umbrella that will ensure that the umbrella is durable and long-lasting.

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