Here's How to Keep Your HVAC System in Good Shape

November 30, 2022

Let's be honest. Being a homeowner is no joke. In and of itself, home ownership entails far too many duties. There are other aspects of your property that you need to keep an eye on to make sure everything is running properly, aside from making sure your monthly mortgage payment is made on time.

Maintenance tasks for your HVAC system might not seem as critical, but this is the one system required all year long. The term "Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning" (HVAC) refers to a home's HVAC system.

This system is in charge of keeping your entire home at a pleasant temperature for you and your family. In fact, the HVAC system has the job of providing you with the best possible air quality as well as reliable energy efficiency.

As a homeowner, you should have your HVAC system maintained by an HVAC Bellingham expert regularly to avoid serious issues in the future. In case you weren't aware, there are a variety of issues that could arise with your HVAC system, including corrosion, leaks, and problems with how hot and cold air are distributed around your home.

Additionally, the expense of replacing your Air Conditioner entirely as a result of poor HVAC maintenance will inevitably be significantly higher. Therefore, it's crucial to be aware of key HVAC maintenance tips.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the most important pointers for keeping your HVAC system in good shape.

The Condenser or Heat Pump Should be cleaned

The exterior heat pumps and air conditioners have a propensity to get dusty, which makes your HVAC system work harder to provide the desired warm or cold air in the house.

Regular cleaning will lessen the chance that the internal parts of your condensers and heat pumps will sustain any harm. It's crucial to ensure that the top and sides of the outdoor air-conditioning units and pumps are free of any debris.

You can easily clean them with your yard hose. Make sure to wipe the spaces between the cracks to remove any debris that may have become lodged there. Furthermore, make sure the unit is properly leveled.

Check the Filter

One of the most obvious causes of Air Conditioner repair is clogged air filters. In fact, changing the filters is the simplest HVAC maintenance procedure because it not only increases the system's performance but also lowers energy expenses for heating the home and reduces the risk of home heating repair.

Every month, make sure to check your filter to make sure it isn't clogged or dirty. It's preferable to have them washed and dried if you do find them to be soiled. Now, it is usually advised to have the filter changed every three months if necessary when it comes to replacement.

Replace it at home if it appears to be dirtier than usual, especially if there are pets present. If the AC filter is excessively dirty, it can freeze and result in water damage. If your Air Conditioner has a washable filter, you can gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

Yearly or Frequent Professional Repairs

An HVAC specialist will regularly visit your home for a professional inspection or repairs to make sure your HVAC system is performing at its best. A lot of new homeowners often ask how much to tip movers, but they should also be asking what an HVAC repair consists of.

Professional inspection varies from business to business, however, the majority of them comprise the following:

  • Verifying that the fan is in fine operating order
  • Examining or switching out the air filter
  • Maintaining the coils
  • Drain line cleaning
  • Checking the heat exchangers for leakage
  • Checking the amount of refrigerant

Professional inspections are often only performed once a year, but they guarantee that the HVAC system is functioning properly, especially during the hot summer and cold winter months when you most need it. Check out moving services from first energy home.

Additionally, when you have your HVAC system serviced, all of its parts will be carefully inspected and cleaned to ensure that they are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Professional inspections help you avoid unforeseen maintenance costs, which may be rather expensive to complete.

All in All

Well, there you go!

HVAC maintenance is necessary for a variety of obvious reasons. You will appreciate the simple luxury of having a system without any issues, from self-maintaining it to planning regular check-ups.

We have shared the most important tips that you should consider if you want to ensure that your HVAC system is also at its optimal performance.

Since fewer major issues will arise from a well-maintained HVAC system, you will experience less hassle and save money. Do not put off doing your bit till the last minute; regular cleaning will keep everyone in the house content. Meet the team of first energy home and know more about their services.


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