How Long Do Jeep Batteries Last?

November 5, 2022

Batteries are considered an essential factor in a vehicle. For example, the batteries' electrical energy is the sole reason a jeep starts; moreover, the battery also delivers the required electricity supply for the other functions of a jeep. So, to have more high-end technical support in your wrangler, you need to ensure your jeep batteries are on point.

It has been shown by recent studies that jeep sales have increased to around sixteen percent in 2021 as compared to the previous year, giving a drastic revenue figure of 1.67 billion U.S. dollars. That is entirely due to the safety and strength its battery delivers to make the traveler enjoy a stress-free ride over it.

Jeep Battery Lasting Time

A jeep's battery life is usually considered 36 months - 60 Months, which makes it approximately three to five years of life. Therefore, it is assumed that three years is the minimum span your jeep batteries are likely to create trouble.

However, even this time frame depends on several factors,  Like how rough you use it, the maintenance and driving habits, or last but the least, most notably, the weather you survive in. It has always been quoted as ‘I work hard so my jeep can have a better life.’

If you have other issues in you Jeep then is a website that offers a wealth of information and resources for Jeep and offroad enthusiasts.

Weather Reverberation

Accurately moderate climate that is not extremely cold or hot would enhance the life of your batteries. However, the batteries tend to react more to weather conditions; for example, the temperature falling below normal would make your batteries go cold, affecting their capacity to work, which will eventually result in the replacement of the batteries.

The same is the case with the hot weather; too high temperature would result in the batteries heating more than usual, as peak temperatures require more wear and tear, damaging their ability to function more efficiently.

Driving Habits

Your driving routine also has an out-turn on your batteries too. If you are not a pro driver, you have to kick start your engines after every other minute, or if you plan on stopping after minimal intervals in a long trip. The batteries require more electric pressure to start instead moving at an average pace. Therefore, shutting off the batteries frequently in a short journey drains the life out of your batteries.

Simultaneously, if the jeep has been kept still for days or weeks, not putting it into action would again result in its power draining out, causing issues in its functionality. So it is recommended to keep your batteries active and not let your jeep sit idle in the backyard.

Technology usage

Undeniably, jeeps can now offer numerous fascinating features to be enjoyed damaging the health of the batteries. However, people often use them while the engine is switched off. These digital gadgets, interactive systems, and sophisticated electronics consume much more energy than usual. So, the batteries have got to function differently at the exact moment, resulting in excessive energy usage and shorter life than normal battery health.

Therefore, it is suggested to avoid indulging with these ‘other features’ regularly without moving the jeep.

Maintenance habits

Due to the excellent average of the jeeps’ maintenance, one of the kinds was ranked first in Japan and Italy in 2021. However, even then, the jeeps need to be worked on and taken care of, as it might directly affect the battery life. Presumably, whenever you plan a long trip, it is advised to get through all the functions of the car to avoid malfunctioning. Therefore, it mainly includes checking your batteries to determine any potential trouble.

Checking the power charge of your batteries is of significant importance. The charge needs a minimum of 12.7 volts; if it falls below 12.5 and does not charge up, the battery needs replacement. Lower charging would not let the jeep come into action, as it won’t stop. Therefore, it is required to check the battery load test after every two years of use in routine.

Indications That Your Battery Needs Replacement.

You must be mindful of a few signs when using your jeep; they will indicate if your batteries are working on point or if there are deficiencies in the systems—stating below the list of indications that trends to occur.

Electric Features Response a Little Slow

The best way to figure it out is when your windows start to roll more moderately than usual, or the dashboard system seems weak or flickers and doesn't respond to your actions fluently. When this happens, you either need to charge your batteries or replace them.

Engine Light Popping Up

The sign, when lit up, would mean many things. However, this sign does include trouble with batteries too. It indicates alarms like your batteries are getting weaker when the engine is about to die.

Deterioration At Positive and Negative Terminals

Minor corrosion has never been problematic; it can be cleaned and maintained. However, taking short journeys without charging the batteries would result in an overflow of white substance at the negative pole. Meanwhile, the overflowing fluid from the positive terminal would be the slightest mixture of greenish blue and white, which most of the time mean the degrading of the battery.

A Long Pause To Battery

If you let your jeep stand still for too long, the engine will eventually lose its tendency to work more efficiently. The engine works flawlessly when the vehicle keeps moving; therefore, when kept still for longer, the machine crashes and needs a kick-start again. When this happens, it means your engines require a go-through test.

Delays in Start With Dim Lights

When you can’t start your jeep even after turning on the key indicates that your batteries have been worn out completely. Moreover, if you can’t light your lights up or the lights appear to be dimmer shows the low functioning of the batteries too.

Voltage On Battery Gauge

Battery sign with positive and negative characters on the voltmeter represents the charging that needs to be between 14 and 14.5 while your car accelerates. However, if it falls below 12.5, this dire condition means there is trouble with your batteries.

Average Price Range Of The Batteries

You might come across different types of batteries that offer many features and lasting time. Unfortunately, the prices of the batteries tend to vary from place to place or from quality to feature. Nevertheless, the average cost of the batteries is from 200 dollars to 350 dollars; installation and mechanic’s services would also cost some additional dollars.

Removing The Old Batteries.

Removing the batteries is not much of a big deal; however, all you need to do is follow these most manageable steps.

  • Unplug the cables from an old battery's positive and negative terminals.
  • You will now have a grip over the bolts that hold the battery in place.
  • These actions would lead to uncaging and free the old battery making it easier to pull out.
  • However, the batteries are pretty heavy, so make sure to pull them straight out so you might not damage your hands.
  • Now place the new battery in position and bolt it back up. Reattaching the cables to positive and negative poles for the supply of energy.
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