How to Choose the Right eCommerce Fulfilment Services for the Apparel Industry?

November 12, 2022

When running a successful apparel business, fulfilment services are critical. With the right eCommerce fulfilment services in place, your business can offer customers fast and reliable shipping and other perks like free returns and exchanges. But how do you choose the right apparel fulfilment services for your business? We are here to reduce your dilemma and present tips when looking for an eCommerce fulfilment provider for your apparel business. Read on to learn the key points.

Location Matters 

Regarding eCommerce fulfilment for apparel, location matters because receiving a new piece of clothing is exciting, and everybody wants the quickest order delivery. Therefore, the closer you are to your customers, the faster and more reliable delivery. It is why choosing an eCommerce fulfilment provider with warehouses around the country can be so beneficial. With multiple warehouses, you ensure that no matter where your customers live, they will get their orders quickly and safely. 

Inventory Management System 

It is also essential to consider how easy it is to manage inventory with your chosen fulfilment provider. Many providers offer an online portal where you can easily keep track of all your inventory in real time - no matter how far the warehouse is situated. It makes managing stock levels much more manageable and ensures that the customers receive their orders quickly and accurately. 

Costs & Fees 

Make sure to factor in costs and fees when choosing an apparel fulfilment provider. Different providers may have different pricing structures, so compare prices before making a decision. Some providers may have lower up-front costs but higher long-term fees or vice versa - so make sure you know what you're paying for before committing to any provider. 

Efficient Return System

Clothing has one of the highest return rates compared to other e-commerce verticals because of the complexity of fit and individual preferences. There are numerous intricacies regarding how fulfilment companies should receive clothes products back into inventory following return. While some textile items, like bathing suits or intimates, cannot be sold again without treatment, others, like garments, need special care, including steaming and re-poly bagging. As a result, an eCommerce fulfilment provider who is an expert at handling garments is well-suited for the task.

Quick Delivery

Offering same-day and next-day delivery choices in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities are one of the top eCommerce fulfilment services available today. You should look for a quicker and more effective option if your fulfilment solution still takes longer than 3–4 days to deliver. The ideal option for small to medium-sized enterprises is to choose an integrated fulfilment system. It can offer features like omnichannel pickups, real-time tracking, and, of course, same-day delivery.

Customised Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in the apparel industry. Customised packaging with discount coupons with each purchase or a personalised note can win your customer's heart. However, as a business, it may become a time-consuming ordeal. Here an eCommerce fulfilment company can be of great help. However, it's crucial to first check with them if they offer such services and partner only if they do.

Support for Peak Seasons

Every apparel store has a peak season, such as Christmas, New Year and other festivities when sales are the highest. While busy times are fun, they may sometimes be stressful for store owners. It will help if you remain current with growing consumer inquiries and problems. In light of this, it might be a tremendous relief if you don't have to worry about shipment and fulfilment.

A smart apparel fulfilment partner will work ahead of time to ensure you have enough inventory. They will also overlook that it is evenly spread throughout their network as they prepare for peak season. Feel free to inquire whether your 3PL employs any preventative measures. You can partner with them if they undertake responsible measures to ace the peak period.

Specialised Storage

Apparel brands typically have many product SKUs to support various styles, colours, and sizes. When picking and packing orders, the products can appear extremely identical at first glance, posing a hurdle in the fulfilment process. Your eCommerce fulfilment services must be well-versed in operational practices and related technology to guarantee order correctness and preserve inventory integrity. With apparel fulfilment, one doesn't require ample storage but needs specialised storage options so that the pickers can grab the right products.

Effective Order Verification

There are high chances of errors while shipping apparel because there are identical products in different sizes. Therefore, a company must always have an effective order verification unit to ensure the correctness of each shipment. It is where a reliable apparel fulfilment service may help. It has staff members or agents at the entrance gates of the receiving country, thanks to its dispersed warehouses around the world. These personnel or representatives confirm that the shipment complies with all order requirements (size, number, weight, quantity, and type). If it doesn't, it complains and returns the item.


Choosing the right eCommerce fulfilment services for your apparel business can take time and effort. Still, with careful research, including considering location options, inventory management systems, and cost structures - you can find the perfect fit for your business needs. Consider weighing these factors carefully before deciding on a fulfilment partner for your apparel business.

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