How to find the Market Value of a Home?     

November 4, 2022

There is frequently no single established method for arriving at the accurate market value of a piece of property. Homeowners often seek assistance from experts like Notting Hill estate agents because there are so many aspects that can affect a property's pricing, and there are hundreds of variables to take into account.

Here's how the professionals determine a property's value by evaluating a variety of various elements.

How should a property be valued?

You can conduct your own research as a property owner to get a sense of a property's market value. It might take some time and effort to ensure accuracy. Still, by taking the following factors into account, it is possible to determine a general market value:

Analyse the state of the property market today.

You need to look at both local and national trends in the property industry in order to fully understand the environment that applies to your home. The UK House Price Index from the Land Registry uses the sales prices that are recorded when the change in ownership information is registered in order to follow the national property market. Though it's typically never far off and the prices recorded are accurate, the problem with the Land Registry is that the information typically takes a few months to be issued and can be out of date in a fast-moving market.

Observe comparable homes that have recently sold

Focusing on comparable properties that have recently sold nearby is a smart move once you have a handle on the local property market and an understanding of the state of the national property market. As previously mentioned, information about each property sale is formally recorded on the Land Registry. You can know your property value via the search tool on the government website, but it can take some time to look at each individual property because the data is not organised chronologically. As a result, you must sift through all the sold data for a postcode area to determine which sales were the most recent and pertinent. Thankfully, websites like Zoopla have simplified this process with their House Prices features, which include a property price calculator to estimate home values that may be helpful when determining a property's market value.

Considering forecasts for home prices

Nobody has a crystal ball, but a number of sizable research teams examine all the data and trends to forecast prices for the UK as a whole as well as for certain regions. These pricing projections are often based on the state of the economy, any political variables that could have an effect, and the present rates of growth. Strong projections for your area don't necessarily imply that you should raise your price, but they do imply that you should maintain a fair pricing, secure in the knowledge that the signs point to an increase in value.

Plans for localised research

House prices are significantly influenced by location, so it's a good idea to think about how the neighbourhood has changed since you purchased the property as well as what developments are planned. It's likely that the local government searches conducted before you bought the property revealed concerns that were existent at the time, such as floods, subsidence, air pollution, or closeness to waste sites, all of which would have an effect on the price of the home. Should any of these apply to the property, they will continue to affect value until they have fundamentally changed. It can be a good idea to check the police website to see if local crime statistics have increased or decreased since you last checked.

Use internet calculators for property costs.

Use an online property price calculator if the information shown above seems like too much work to sort through in order to determine a property's market value. As we indicated above, Zoopla includes a number of tools that are helpful when determining a house price, but there are other websites as well that you may want to compare. After you share some of the most important details about your home with the website, property price advice will give you a thorough estimate of the worth, with upper and lower limits.

How should a property's market value be determined?

The following factors are the easiest to analyse for a property owner who is attempting to determine the market value of a residential property they own, even though we have discussed the various types of formal valuation methods used by professional valuers for all types of properties and who frequently act on behalf of banks and other lenders:

  • Analyse the state of the property market today.
  • Observe comparable homes that have recently sold
  • Considering forecasts for home prices
  • Plans for localised research
  • Use internet calculators for property costs.

By following these procedures, you'll be able to use online searches to determine a property's market value. When professional valuers report to the bank on the market value of a property to determine whether the agreed-upon loan is reasonable, they frequently utilise the formal technique of comparison valuation. These elements are comparable to that of the formal method of comparison valuation. You can determine the appropriate and most precise market value by using the same method.


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