How To Get Your Furnace Ready For The Winter Season

November 30, 2022

Wintertime is on its way to Texas and with it comes the snow and cooler temperatures. While most homeowners are looking forward to breaking out the heavy jackets and snuggly bedsheets for bundling up for the upcoming winter, you shouldn’t forget about your home’s furnace.

You probably haven’t used your furnace since last winter, so you want to take the time to check up on your heating system. This way, you can ensure warm and comfortable indoor temperatures during the cold season. This article shares several tips on getting your furnace ready for the winter season.

1. Schedule A Professional Tune-Up

Before turning on your heating system for the winter season, you want to have it checked by a professional. That said, professional furnace servicing companies are often busy before the winter season. Thus, you should schedule a furnace repair and preventive maintenance ahead of time.

Furnace servicing professionals can help in cleaning your furnace and in tuning it up before the winter starts. They can inspect your heating system and ensure that all components are working properly.

In addition, regular preventive inspection allows professionals to pinpoint potential costly issues and resolve them accordingly. This is to ensure that your furnace works smoothly throughout the winter season and saves more money in the long run.

Learn more about how furnace preventive maintenance can help you save money by watching this video:

2. Do A Test Run

You don’t want to wait for the temperature to be cold before switching your thermostat from cooling to heating. Doing a test run before winter can help kick-start your furnace and ensure that it can effectively heat your home.

That said, make sure to set the temperature only a few degrees higher, so you don’t rush the system into too much pressure right away. If you don’t hear the heating system turning on within a couple of minutes, then there might be something wrong with your furnace.

Consider hiring experts from a reputable Newton, TX furnace repair company to take a look at your system. They can help find the potential issue with your furnace and do the necessary repairs to put it back in good working condition.

3. Replace The Filter

Replacing the furnace filter is one of the most important tasks you can do to prepare your furnace for the winter season. While it’s often included in a regular professional tune-up, you still need to check it every month and replace it on your own every two to three months.

The furnace filter is often located in the flower compartment or built into the ductwork before the blower fan. If you’re not sure where yours is located, you can always check the manual that came with the unit.

Regular replacement of furnace filters prevents dust and debris accumulation that can reduce the air quality of your home. It also prevents serious clogging that could damage and shorten the lifespan of your heating system.

4. Keep Ducts And Pipes Clean

Proper ventilation is key to ensuring that your furnace runs efficiently. Most modern furnaces have an external intake pipe for air supply. If this pipe becomes blocked or clogged, your heating system will lose its efficiency. Worse, it can cause carbon monoxide buildup.

In addition, blocked vents or poor ventilation can prevent cool air from circulating into the furnace while trapping heated air inside. This causes components in your furnace to overheat and create a burning smell or a total breakdown of the system.

Thus, you want to make sure that the exhaust and intake pipes on your home’s exterior are clear of snow, ice, bird's nest, and other debris. Make sure that air ducts are clean and free from obstructions.

5. Don’t Forget To Prepare Your Home Too

While this may be out of topic, preparing your home for the winter works hand in hand with getting your furnace ready and functioning properly for the winter season.

Tasks such as sealing the windows and doors, resolving gaps and holes, replacing weather stripping, and more can help ensure that your home is properly insulated. They will also help keep all the heat inside instead of letting it escape outside.

With better home insulation, your furnace can work efficiently with less strain.


And there you have it! Taking the time to perform the above-mentioned tips can ensure that your furnace is ready and warmed up (pun intended) for the winter season. With proper preparation, you can ensure that any potential furnace issues are resolved and that your heating system runs smoothly throughout the winter season, keeping you and your family warm and comfortable.


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