How to Make A Cozy Guest Bedroom - According To Experts

November 8, 2022

Even having a guest bedroom in your house might feel like a success. Before we can give our visitors their own room, many of us force them to spend years sleeping on the sofa or giving up our own beds. Therefore, the area should feel just like that—luxurious—when you are able to provide guests with the comfort of their own bedroom. That entails creating a space that demonstrates the time, thought, and intention that went into it, in addition to offering a comfy bed to sleep on behind a closed door.

Make a warm guest bedroom that is much more than just a spare by following these design expert-recommended methods to make your visitors feel like a priority, not an afterthought.

Include a little sitting area

Adding more seats may make a significant impact in your guest bedroom if you have a little extra space to work with. According to Devin Shaffer, principal interior designer at Decorilla, "the most crucial element to establishing a "home away from home" and "home away from host" atmosphere is to provide a little seating area." This will give your visitors a sense of ownership over their environment and prevent them from feeling as if they are trespassing by using the public spaces.

Put comfortable details first.

No matter what design strategy you choose, De La Vega stresses the importance of making the space relaxing. "People that come to visit are frequently on vacation, traveling, and sightseeing," he claims. So, invest in hotel-quality bedding, and don't skimp on the extra pillows. "This means kids may spend the day out exploring, making coming home to a pleasant and tranquil bedroom all the more crucial."

Incorporate Cozy Lighting

According to Chris Alexakis, décor expert and founder of CabinetSelect, “One idea that I often recommend is installing dimmable recessed lighting in the ceiling, as this can create a soft and soothing glow that will help your guests relax and unwind at the end of a long day.”

In order to do this, ensure that there is a strong primary light—so that visitors don't feel as though they are staying in a dark, unattended spare room—and table or floor lights to provide guests with lower-light alternatives as needed.

Add fresh flowers or plants

Adding living creatures is one of the simplest ways to give a place a more active feeling. To improve the atmosphere and give your visitors a sense of connection with nature, De La Vega advises placing some fresh flowers and plants in the room when you have visitors. It's a considerate gesture to enhance your visitors' stay to have plants there, whether you leave them there all year or only bring them in when visitors arrive.

Provide usable bedside tables

It's simple to overlook some of those little practical considerations when creating a space that you won't really be residing in. Interior designer Jonathan Rachman says, "I believe a guest bedroom should be useful for your guest in order to provide them with ample surfaces and storage, as fleeting as their visit can be. Functional bedside tables may help your visitor settle in and feel at home by providing them with a location to put their belongings (such as a glass of water, a book, or their phone), as well as a spot to turn on a lamp at night. If you keep a phone charger on hand for forgetful visitors, you will get bonus points.

Give out blankets and warm throws

Asking your host to lower the AC or turn up the heat might be difficult as a visitor. Therefore, ensuring that a guest bedroom is well-stocked with warm blankets is a terrific way to guarantee that your guests are at ease at all times. According to Rachman, "These elements show that you have not only welcomed them but have also carefully considered every last aspect before their arrival to give them the feeling that they are in their home away from home." Not to mention, a gorgeous throw or a blanket basket at the foot of the bed may add a further design element that will enhance the overall space.

Practical amenities are a necessity

“Usually, one of the best ways to make a guest room extra cozy is by adding cozy furnishings, such as armchairs, rocking chairs, and comfortable sofas. Placement is key here, and it's important to consider where your guests will spend most of their time during their stay.”, says Gene Fitzgerald, an interior design expert at Best Osmosis Systems.

If you want to encourage guests to spend time in the guest room, then be sure to add comfortable furniture pieces that are inviting and relaxing. You can also consider adding a small coffee table or side table to the space, which can be used as a place for your guests to set drinks or snacks during their stay.

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