How to make your home more spacious?

November 21, 2022

How to maximize space in a small apartment


Having extra space in your apartment can be useful as it can brighten up any room and make it look more clean and fresh. This can make your home look more comforting and have a big impact on first impressions. Most people will use your house and how clean it looks. If your house is cramped and dirty it could give people the wrong impression on you. Having a room/apartment with plenty of space can give you more confidence and help to motivate you.


Maximising apartment space can help it to have a more modern and clean look, minimising the clutter in your house can give you more space for storage. Decluttering your room can help you to throw things away that are taking up a lot of space and making your rooms look more messy.

Getting rid of dull and old things in your house/apartments can help to brighten up your room and allow natural light to fill up your room. Allowing light from the outside can actually benefit you because natural light is much better than electricity for your eyes. Also using natural light can be cheaper and make your living space look more fresh and sleek.


Adding mirrors to any room can brighten up your rooms straight away, mirrors can reflect things allowing light to spread around your room. They can add texture and colour to your room and create an illusion that makes it look like your room is much more spacious. You can add one large mirror in a room or group together a few mirrors.

Lightweight Curtains:

Using light coloured curtains can make your room appear more bright and give it a fresh look, it is best to avoid thick and brightful colours when trying to minimise space, it is best to use neutral and thin curtains. This can give your house a more spacious look and can make it appear cleaner.

Having thick curtains can prevent air flow into your house, they can stop fresh air coming in and natural light. However, having lightweight and thin curtains can improve lighting and air circulation which can prevent your house from having a stale smell and allow fresh air to enter. This can also improve your health and make you feel more refreshed rather than tired and worn out.


Having windows in your house can help to improve air flow, they allow fresh air to ether the room giving it a less dull sensation. They also allow lots of light to come in which can give the illusion that the space is much bigger than it seems. Different shaped windows can give either a more modern or rustic theme, you can choose from multiple windows that are designed to give a more open look to your room.

However it is important that you maintain the windows and clean them often, they can become dirty and look greasy if you're not cleaning them monthly. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle to make sure your windows are looking shiny and sleek.

Optimise your Furniture:

Furniture can take up alot of room in your house, to minimise the amount of space it's taking up you could use multi-purpose furniture. Since you can't get rid of furniture, multipurpose furniture could be a great option to free up some space in your apartment or rooms.

Another use of furniture you could use to free up some space is legged furniture, having furniture with gaps such as chairs, tables, storage blocks can make it appear that you have more room as you can see gaps.

You should also think about the placement of your furniture . Having your furniture in the centre of the room can free up space and make the room look bigger. Although if you have all your furniture pushed up against all your walla and in corners it can make the room look more cramped and messy.

Use long pendants to emphasise the height of rooms

A great way to highlight the height of a room is with long pendants. They make an elegant statement, and it’s easy to think of them as chic and timeless – so even if you don’t have high ceilings, you can still achieve the effect by hanging beautiful sconces around your home. If you need to change a lot of lightning then you need a good electrical supplier to order your lightning equipment in bulk.

If you try to use your creative abilities and apply the above tips in your home, I am sure that soon you will have enough space in your home that could be utilised in a more helpful way. The key here is to be able to imagine how your home can become larger.


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