How to start your car rental business

November 28, 2022

Car rental is a relatively young direction. In this regard, many are now interested in mastering this niche, since there is much less competition in it than in others. At the same time, car rental is not nearly as well researched as other businesses and many aspiring entrepreneurs do not fully understand what their first steps should be. In this article, we will analyze in detail how you can build a successful car rental business and start making money on it in the shortest possible time.

The target audience

  • Tourists. Visitors from other countries often rent cars to move around in comfort.
  • Those who came on a business trip. Business trips often involve severe time constraints and the need for maximum mobility. Therefore, a person who has come to another city for work will be extremely interested in your services.
  • People who happen to be without a car. Even if a person has a car, sooner or later it breaks down. The car is sent to the appropriate service, and most people do not want to give up the usual amenities. Here, your services will also come in handy. Repairs can take a long time and most car owners will be happy to receive an alternative for this time.
  • Customers ordering cars for the holidays. People often rent cars for birthday parties. And riding in a wedding limousine has long been a tradition.

How much money do you need to start?

On average, renting an inexpensive car (a 10-year-old foreign car) costs $10-12 per day, or $300-360 per month. General expenses for car maintenance and business organization include:

  • registration as an individual entrepreneur and obtaining documents;
  • insurance;
  • taxes;
  • purchase of engine oil, technical fluids and consumables;
  • purchase of tires;
  • technical maintenance;
  • ads;
  • purchase of car rental management software;
  • other costs.

In practice, the amount of the above expenses does not exceed 70-100 dollars per month. One way or another, these costs are fully recouped, moreover, having approached the implementation of the enterprise thoughtfully enough, you can quickly get into the black. The main thing is to draw up a good business plan and choose a suitable car rental management system. Also, do not just hope for the best implementation scenarios. Take into account all the difficulties that you may encounter and think over in advance how you will react to them.

How much can you earn by renting cars?

We cannot calculate the total amount of how much you can earn since this depends on many different factors:

  • number of cars and their cost;
  • what purposes vehicles are rented for;
  • average market value of these services;
  • technical condition of cars.

Correctly correlate the costs with your capabilities to find your working earning strategy.

What documents do you need to rent cars?

  • Vehicle registration certificates
  • Insurance policies (CASCO and OSAGO)
  • Agreement on car rental (indicating all the nuances)
  • Notarized act on the technical condition of cars
  • Document on successful technical maintenance completion

When preparing the above documents, we recommend that you seek the help of a professional lawyer. The legal registration of a business always implies a large number of nuances in which a person who does not have the appropriate education can easily get confused.

How to make a car rental business profitable

To be successful, you need to be in demand. Your business should be known by the potential audience, and the name of the company should be closely associated with the services you provide. Hire marketers and develop an advertising campaign that can attract the target audience. Use all available platforms for promotion (Internet, radio and television). We also recommend creating your own website and application, the more accessible your services are, the more chances for a new customer to appear.

And remember, when promoting your brand, you should:

  • Explain why customers might need your service
  • Properly distinguish yourself from competitors
  • Target your advertising to someone who could potentially be interested in your services
  • Show the benefits of your car rental system


Car rental is a fairly easy and simple line of business when it comes to its implementation. However, business is business, and, as you know, it does not tolerate frivolity. Write a well-thought-out plan, rationally spend available resources and do not skimp on promotion. This is the only way for you to recoup all your investments and get a successful enterprise



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