How to Use LED Lights for Decorating

November 11, 2022


Decorative lights are now an integral part of the festive seasons. Lights create a happy ambiance doubling the fun and fervor of festivity. But, is it necessary to wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year for getting into that happy vibes? Absolutely no! We can decorate our homes with LED lights and live in that happy mood the whole year round.

Without any further ado let’s get into the details of how you can use the versatility of LED lights for your home décor.

What are the different types of LED lights?

Before you make a decision to use LED lights in your home décor, you must know the plethora of designs and options available in LED lights. Generally speaking, LED lights come in so many varieties that it’s not feasible to deal with each of them in a web article.

LED strips are one of the most common types of LED lights used for decoration. These are frequently used to give the interiors of homes and offices a sophisticated look. They can be used in varieties of ways such as hardwired under cabinet lighting, light-up workstations, ceiling night sky, bookshelf lighting, etc.

LED lights are also available in the form of fairy lights that can be used as a window or mirror frame or a curtain drape. LEDs are also available as spotlights and silhouettes for giving an interesting turn to your décor.

For a better understanding, the whole range of LED lights can be categorized into three broad categories.

  • Ambient – meant for creating a general uniform lighting level. These come with dimmable light settings ranging from a day to night.
  • Task – this is brighter and more effective than ambient lights. These are the normal light you use for reading, cooking, or doing another important tasks.
  • Accent – meant for adding drama and enhancing the overall décor of the place they are used in.

How can you use LED lights for decorating your home?

Now, that you have a rough idea about the different varieties of LED lights, we can proceed to the tips for decorating your home with LED lights. And, do not forget to plan the lighting according to the need and uses of the room. Each corner of your home is meant for a different purpose and hence they need different lighting systems.

Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting - This system of LED lighting is most suitable for the kitchen. They provide enough light on the kitchen countertop and create a calming ambiance.

Back-lit Backsplash – This is a brilliant idea for the part of your house where you want to make a bold design statement. With the display of vivid colors, the back-lit backsplash creates a visual drama enhancing the overall feel of the area.

Bedhead Night Light – The bedroom is a very special place in the home and it deserves special attention while planning home décor. Bedhead decorated with dimmer customizable LED strips allows you to control the brightness of the place according to your mood.

Multicolor Corridor Décor – Skip this if you have a really broad or decorated corridor. If you have a narrow corridor and if you don’t want to clutter it with wall-decorative pieces, opt for multicolor LED light décor. This adds drama to an otherwise boring space without adding visual clutter.

Strip Light for Stairs – You can give your stairs a more welcoming feel if you know how to use strip lights for the purpose. Strip lights lined at the base of each step not only increase attractiveness but also increase the visibility of stairs.

Vertical LED strips for smaller rooms – If the size of your room is small, you can use LED lights not just to make it bright and beautiful but also to enlarge it visually. Linear strips of LED lights running from the bottom to the top (the place where side walls meet the ceiling) creates a visual illusion of a taller room.

Fairy lights around the vanity mirror – Another brilliant way of using LED lights for decoration is using fairy lights as a mirror frame. This enhances the look, mood as well as functionality of the space. This can also be done around the window if the overall décor of the room allows it.

LED lights are so versatile that they can be used in a myriad of ways to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. You just need to know what you expect each part of your home to feel like and then a pinch of creativity can make all the magic. Hope our tips were useful in inspiring your creativity to make your home more pleasing and welcoming.

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