Ideas to Make Your Bay Windows Your New Favorite Spot

November 28, 2022

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Having bay windows in any room is typically a huge boon to the space. They admit optimal light from different angles while providing an attractive feature for your home's interior and exterior.

Let’s talk about style and functionality.

When bay windows are old and due for replacement, they may be letting in cold air — and there’s nothing worse than sitting by a drafty window in the winter.

If you do need to replace your windows, make sure the company you work with offers these three components:

  • Mitred corners. This means that the corners are cut at a 45-degree angle and then fused together to create a 90-degree angle. This gives the windows supreme structural integrity.
  • If you’re opting for a ‘grill’ pattern, make sure the company you’re working with lays the grill design between the panes of glass, and it’s not an overlay. Doing this will minimize dust.
  • Make sure frames and sashes are made using UPVC vinyl. This type of vinyl is the most energy efficient. It’s also impermeable to UV light.

Shop around before taking the leap. Find a company like Centennial Windows. They use the three design aspects listed above and offer an in-person, in-home consultation before making any decisions.

Styling Your Bay Window

What’s the Purpose?

If you’re not a design enthusiast, you might not know how to style an unusually angular space. First, decide on the purpose of your bay window space. Do you want to create a reading nook? Maybe you’d like to install a window seat for a pet or carve out an area so that you can work from home.

Choosing Curtains

If the room gets extremely hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, consider thermal blackout curtains. They’ll help regulate the temperature.

If you’d like to use the nook for reading or crafting, consider sheer or linen curtains. While giving you privacy, they’ll also admit more natural light.

If the bay window area is tight on space, opt for blinds.

A final tip: hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of space.

What Seats?

A plush, overstuffed armchair with a reading lamp and side table will instantly dictate the area's tone.

Placing two chairs side-by-side with a mini-bar cart in between shows your guests that it’s the conversation area — a la Mad Men!

If you’re one for afternoon naps, consider a chaise lounge.

If your room is small, try to squeeze a loveseat into the window area. This extra seating will come in handy when you host movie nights.

Add Plants and Accessories

Your bay window should get the same TLC as the rest of your home when it comes to décor.

Plants are a great addition to a bay window. Add a low-lying shelf along the bottom of the window and create an indoor jungle.

If you’ve opted for a reading nook, include a short bookshelf and stock it with your latest reads and cozy blankets.

Investing in an area of your home always pays off, be it new windows, new curtains, or a new seating arrangement. And if you are planning on putting energy and resources into sprucing up an area of your home, it makes sense to make sure it’s a space you’d actually like to spend time in. Simply take your time and discover what will work for you!

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