Instagram engagement: what it should be and how to increase it

November 21, 2022

Today we will find out what is the average ER score of bloggers with different audiences. We will determine what your completeness should be and how to increase it.

In 2022, Influencer Completion on Instagram Dropped

The American company Upfluence, which specializes in the selection of bloggers for brands and agencies, is conducting research. It concerned the analysis of the analysis and processing of a lot of interesting data, including about the ER (or completeness) of the pages.

Such company studies were conducted every year and noticed a large number of cases: accounts with a higher level of followers have a lower level of execution than accounts with a small audience. This is likely due to the fact that it is more difficult for celebrities with a million followers to communicate with subscribers as closely as micro-influencers with an audience of up to 100,000 readers.

In addition, many users prefer to passively follow their favorite bloggers, as if "dragging" and viewing content without participation. This is a normal situation and you can use Poprey to improve user experience

However, the aggregate of most nano- and micro-influencers in 2021-2022 is better than in 2019.

Categories of bloggers and their indicators

Upfluence affects bloggers by category in a different way than Russian marketers do. Therefore, first of all, take a look at the received data:

Micro - less than 15 thousand subscribers;

Normal - from 15 thousand to 50 thousand subscribers;

Climbing - from 50 thousand to 100 thousand subscribers;

Middle - from 100 thousand to 500 thousand subscribers;

Macro - from 500 thousand to 1 million subscribers;

Mega - more than 1 million subscribers.

So we can see that microbloggers on Instagram* have an average ER of 3.86%. This indicator drops at each level of influence and reaches a minimum for mega-influencers - 1.21%.

<h2>Engagement is the most important criterion when evaluating bloggers</h2>

39% of respondents named engagement as the most important criterion in selecting bloggers. 24.5% consider content type and category to be the most important, while 28% consider views/reach/impressions to be the most important.

The remaining 9% of respondents chose "Other" as the most important criterion when evaluating influencers.

What kind of involvement should I have?

Focusing on the average indicators of bloggers, we can say that engagement largely depends on the number of audience. However, bloggers with millionaires, like Oksana Samoilova or Dima Maslennikov, can reach 10-15% engagement. In addition, the biggest demand is for bloggers with an engagement above 5%. Therefore, it is best to focus on this figure in order to be in demand and regularly receive commercial offers.

So, ER 5% is normal. ER 10 - very, very good.

Remember? Move on.

By the way, when it comes to stores on Instagram*, even 0.5-1% engagement is considered normal for them.

How to increase the engagement rate?

If your ER score is below or within the normal range, it will not be superfluous to work on engagement. The chances of getting into the "Interesting" section, as well as the ranking of your publications in the feeds of subscribers, depend on this.

We've put together some effective techniques for you to help you get the engagement you want.

1. Get rid of the bots

The first thing you will need to do is get rid of bots, empty accounts and mass followers in subscribers. They clog up the account and negatively affect engagement, because. do not show activity, but affect the quantity. It is the discrepancy between the number of followers and reactions that can lead to poor engagement (you can use automatic Instagram likes to fix this situation).

You can clear your account from bots using various services, but it is better to do it manually.

You can clear your account from bots using various services (for example,, Spam Guard, InstaHero), but it's better to do it manually.

2. Keep Posting Regularly

This point is obvious, but we could not fail to mention it. If you miss a week, your performance will drop significantly. To prevent this from happening, post regularly (at least 3 times a week) and stories (daily). It is based on 5 effective ways to get more Instagram likes In 2023

3. Have interactive sessions

There are a lot of interactive ideas on the Internet. They are interesting, always involve and increase brand loyalty.

It is important that the interactive is relevant to your content in general.

Interactive examples:

  • Quiz. Arrange in stories a small test on knowledge of you, your product, or absolutely any topic that is at least somehow related to your account. As an encouragement, subscribers who answered all the questions correctly can be promised a discount or a gift with the order.
  • Interview. If the purpose of the quiz is just entertainment, then here you can kill two birds with one stone - and "play" with subscribers, and collect feedback from your readers. To make it more interesting, at the end you can make a post or story with the results of the survey and thank everyone for participating.
  • Provocative question. Create a chat room on any hot topic in the subject of your profile. For example, if you have a "mom" blog, you can ask subscribers a question about their attitude to breastfeeding in the park, vaccinations or complementary foods. Two minutes - and just have time to read the comments.
  • Truth or lie. You write facts, and subscribers try to guess which of them are true and which are not. You can do it in the format of a post and play a prize among those who guess what is true and what is not. Can be arranged in story format by simply using a sticker with “true/false” answer options.

As an example, we have given four of the most popular mechanics. Of course, in fact, there are dozens or even hundreds of them, and you can always come up with something of your own. Perhaps we will soon write a separate article on this topic, but for now, let's read on!

4. Ask questions at the end of the post or in stories

Questions are required. People love to give their point of view or share advice, so this trick can get you a lot of engaged comments.

5. Reply to comments

Not necessarily for everything, but at least for the first 20. From time to time you can enter into a discussion with your subscribers - this will be a big plus.

6. Create Carousel Posts

Posts with a carousel that contains a lot of useful information are often saved. And then they return to them, study and send to relatives. Such content will definitely increase your ER.

7. Run a raffle

Another obvious trick. But so far, organizing a competition is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement.

To get the maximum output, make not one, but three (or more) winners. And don't forget about the prizes: a shampoo or a set of dubious dietary supplements is unlikely to add motivation to users to participate.

To conduct a contest, use a special service to select the winners. For example, good old You to Gift. This will greatly simplify the task, it will be enough for you to prescribe the conditions for the draw, and on the day of the results, simply insert the link to it in a special field, the service will determine the random winner and check the fulfillment of the conditions.

8. Don't forget the tags

And without geotagging too! There are no magic tags that will increase all account statistics in one fell swoop. But people sometimes search for content through tags, and your job is to make sure they find yours.

Thus, your publications will be shown to the right audience, bring new followers and, as a result, increase ER.

9. Buy Instagram likes

You can increase engagement with the help of a special service - It provides active followers who like, watch stories and comment.

Service performers work from personal accounts, making the activity look 100% organic. Artists have real photos, followers and subscriptions in their profiles.

This method is the fastest of all. Plus, unlike other tricks that might not work, it's guaranteed to give you exactly the results you want.


In this article, we have analyzed the most popular methods for increasing ER on Instagram, and now we can conclude that good engagement is not a lucky coincidence, but regular work.

There are more complex ways to do this work - to come up with interactive and regularly publish new interesting content, there are simpler ones - to use a special service that will increase engagement even if your content is uninteresting and irregular.

But by far the best option would be to mix different mechanics to improve performance: interactive + purchased engagement + relevant posts will do wonders for your profile.


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