Instead of a Thousand Messages Online: When Your Bedroom Reflects Your Identity

November 17, 2022

The longer the marriage lasts, the more couples have to find new ways to revive their feelings. Some try a new hobby together, and some start a family business, but often the problems start behind a closed door in the bedroom, and there are two ways to proceed. You either break up or seek ways to rekindle the passion. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Today we are going to figure out how you can transform your bedroom so that the atmosphere sets the right tone and consider the most popular way for couples to rekindle the spark in the relationship.

Be True to Yourself

First things first, it’s worth having an open conversation with your partner. What are you lacking in intimacy? Perhaps your sex has become too boring. Or your partner wants something specific but is silent because they’re afraid of your reaction. Or maybe you’ve wanted to try something new in the bedroom for a long time but don’t know how to present your intimate desires. Create a safe space to exchange thoughts about it without judging or bickering. Listen to each other, write down your main fantasies and discuss that list – which of these can you put into action?

Look for New Perspectives

The most popular fantasy of people in long-term relationships is a threesome. And you’ll be surprised when you meet more than one couple looking for a unicorn when you open any casual dating site. Couples worldwide are looking for single men and women to enjoy a threesome. Finding a lesbian for casual sex shouldn’t be difficult if that’s what you want. Discuss with your partner what kind of girl you would like to see in your bedroom and start your search. Open any casual dating site, and you’ll find hundreds of lesbians ready to meet a couple at any time and in any city. Use filters to choose her height, weight, figure type, and so on. Make sure you and your partner agree on the choice and start texting. Suggest a date at your place to make the process for your couple as comfortable as possible. And to ensure your unicorn’s comfort, too, get busy preparing your bedroom.

Your Bedroom is Your Calling Card

Remember that in this regard, your bedroom is your calling card. Everything should be perfect and as welcoming as possible. No girl will want to do business with a couple whose bedroom is dirty, dark, and grim. It doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive furniture for just one threesome. But your bedroom should evoke a sense of security and comfort so that all three date participants are comfortable. So, let’s look at a few decor options that will help create a romantic mood and make your sex unforgettable.

Home Décor Ideas to Create a Romantic Mood on a First Date

  • Cozy bedding in pink or red

The bed is the key piece in every bedroom and the cozy focal point of the room. And not only the bed frame itself is in focus, but also cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, and cozy bed linen are the epitome of a cozy bedroom. Bedding in pink or red increases the romance factor in your four walls and makes your bedroom the romantic highlight of the apartment.

  • Fresh flowers on the bedside table

Wrap your bedroom in a lovely scent of fresh roses to set the intimate mood and impress your lesbian unicorn. Flowers on the bedside table put you in a good mood right after waking up and bring liveliness to the room. Choose soft pink or white roses that you can stylishly decorate in your favorite vase. If the scent bothers you or you or your partners have allergies, silk or dried flowers are a good alternative to fresh flowers.

  • Velvet lamps

Not only the furniture but also the bedroom lighting is important. So that the romantic touch is not lost through the lighting, ceiling, floor, or table lamps with warm-white light sources are particularly great. Velvet lamps spread a particularly beautiful light as the rays are softened a little by the velvety lampshade. In addition, a dimmer can perfect the lighting concept in a romantic bedroom and provide ideal lighting conditions in no time at all.

  • Fairy lights for indirect lighting

Fairy lights are not only popular in the winter season. In the romantic bedroom, the small lamps can be used all year round. The indirect lighting bathes the room in a beautiful light, which invites you to get comfortable on the bed and cuddle before getting to business.

  • Put on candles – the classics

Candles also offer a very nice way to create atmospheric light for a romantic ambiance in the bedroom. In addition to rustic block candles, which you can decorate in odd numbers on a tray, scented candles conjure up a cozy atmosphere and spread a sensual scent. It also adds to the sexy atmosphere of your bedroom, setting the right mood.

Your lesbian unicorn will relax instantly after seeing how hard you worked to create an intimate and welcoming mood in your bedroom. Just make sure to discuss the details of your date with all the participants and use our advice to ensure your bedroom is perfectly arranged for an unforgettable threesome.



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