Interior Design Tips for Styling Around Your Recliner

November 23, 2022


While undoubtedly comfy and great for your health, people rarely associate recliners with stylish and inviting decor.

A common misconception is that adding one to your room instantly makes it ugly and boring. In reality, we’ve gone a long way since the days in which recliners all had the same dull appearance and bulky features. Far from being an interior designer’s worst nightmare, they are now available in countless sizes, colors, and shapes.

Yet even more important than choosing the right recliner is how you blend it into the rest of the room. In this article, we will list some great interior design tips to help you style around your recliner like a pro.

Choose Its Position Based on the Room’s Focal Point

Before arranging your room, you need to define its focal point, that is, the dominant element around which to “build” the space’s overall appearance. It’s the part of the room you want to highlight the most, the one that first captures a viewer's attention when walking in. It could be a window with a nice view, a creative bookshelf, or an elegant ceramic table.

Your recliner itself could be the room’s focal point, though it’s usually better to select another area or object and then incorporate your recliner into the broader design.

For example, if your focal point is a fireplace, placing a rustic recliner next to it could create a very enjoyable “mountain cabin” effect. In contrast, if you use a sofa as a focal point, a more clever choice would be placing your recliner far from it to avoid having two similar items too close to each other.

Designing Your Room from Scratch? Stick to One Theme.

When you’re designing your room from step one, it’s a good idea to reflect thoroughly on how you want to theme it instead of buying random pieces of furniture and winging it. This also allows you to choose the right size, shape, and color for your recliner.

How much space do you have? These days you can find the best recliner chairs that are both small enough to fit smoothly into a small room and comfortable enough to serve their main functional purpose.

What feelings do you want your room to inspire? What should its character be?

Are you going for a clean and professional look? Then you could opt for a black & white theme and add an elegant recliner in black leather to the room’s furniture. Or maybe you’d like your living space to have a more energetic and uplifting personality, in which case you should pick a recliner with more lively colors and a less formal tone. Alternatively, you may want to give your room an earthier style and complement it with a mahogany wood base recliner, which you can also find online at very competitive prices.

Integrating Your Recliner Into an Existing Design?

Sometimes, your room has already been arranged, and your recliner is just the latest arrival. In this scenario, your goal is to blend it as smoothly as possible into the existing space.

Do you already have a very large piece of furniture in the room, like a sofa or a large bookshelf? Then placing your recliner across it is an excellent way to avoid the room looking too unbalanced.

Another clever move is to use pillows and blankets on both your recliner and any other sofa or armchair to give your living space a coherent and fashionable look. The great thing about these accessories is that they are available in all types of colors, patterns, and tones. Whether your room’s existing style is traditional, minimalist, bohemian, or contemporary, you’re surely going to find the right items to throw into the mix. Plus, who doesn’t like having an extra soft pillow and warm blanket when indulging in some me-time on their recliner?

And let’s not forget carpet and rugs, another great way to tie your room together after adding a new piece of furniture.

Does Your Recliner Fit Well in a Corner?

Corners are often the ideal spot to mask the unwieldy size of your recliner. This choice allows you to save space and spare people the problem of having this large piece of furniture in their way when walking in the central part of the room. Keep in mind that many modern recliners can still fully recline after being cornered off.

Corners are also the perfect spot for the recliner’s main user, as they are usually the most reserved part of your living space. Where would you sit to relax and read a book or listen to some music from your earphones while people are chatting or the kids are playing on the other side of the room?

More than One Recliner? Turn Your Room a Home Theater

Recliners aren’t great only when resting or reading; they are also the perfect spot from which you can enjoy a movie. You can turn your room into the perfect home theater by removing any sofas, using your TV as the focal point, and adding two recliners right in front of it.

You can also add two smaller armchairs for extra movie night guests and small tables for snacks and beverages between each of these pieces of furniture.



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