LED Lights for Walkover or Step Lights

November 26, 2022

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When it comes to decorating a garden or an outside space of a home, people typically use decorative lighting techniques that require the decorative lights to be mounted on the adjacent surface like walls or trees. What if your garden or walkover area doesn’t have such a reliable structure for mounting the light?

Step lights are the perfect solution for such outside spaces where lighting platforms like walls or trees are absent. These step lights have both decorative and practical implications. These decorative pieces of life make the garden area beautiful and illuminate the area thus making it safe to venture even when the sun goes down. In fact, step lighting is more of a functional requirement rather than a lighting technique. But, if you know how to best utilize this lighting technique you end up creating a welcoming ambiance as a bonus. 

Illuminating a Dark Space with Localized Lighting 

If your garden has flanking walls, the area may not look very attractive and most of the time it would be a dark place too. This place needs localized lighting to keep the area illuminated. This can be achieved by using a recessed spotlight or backlights. 

In case you are trying to light up a dark area in your garden where there are no walls where you can mount the lights, you can use some interesting LED light options. The most common options include spread lights i.e. lights on a stick or bollard lights i.e. lights on a stick. Both these lights are visually appealing and are great examples of the versatility of LED lights.

Illuminating Stairs for Better Visibility

If your garden or walkover area has adjoining stairs you must make that space well-lit. Stair tread lights are important to provide visibility thus making the stairs safe for everyone. You need to make sure that each tread receives direct light without any obstructions. No tread should be shadowed by the riser above it. 

While you are working on the idea of illuminating your stairs with LED lights for stairs or any type of light source, do not forget the glaring part. If the light you choose creates glare it will make ascending and descending stairs riskier. The light source should be covered or set at such an angle that it doesn’t blind the passers with glare. 

Things to Take Care of While Installing LED Lights for Walkover or Step Lights

  • For the purpose of step lighting, one should never choose a big bright light. Step lighting is done best by small light sets that can illuminate a few steps and do not produce high glare.
  • When using bright LED stair lights extra measures need to be taken to minimize the glare. They can be toned down by inset lamp housing, eyelid hood for the light, or other such equipment that hides the light source thus preventing it from passing overhead view that can be dangerous for walkers.
  • Recessing a garden light is important but if it is not practically feasible then surface-mounted step lights can be used. The surface-mounted LED lights for stairs are limited to lighting  2 to 3 steps. This means one has to install a series of step lights when there is more number of stairs. 
  • LED strip lights for stairs are another great option to highlight steps and make them visible without creating a glare. The strip lights are typically used in such a way that people can easily see each step and know where to put their feet. LED strip lights are a great way to illuminate a staircase and save people from tipping over. 
  • Hardwired accent stair lighting is also popularly used for lighting staircases while accentuating their overall look. This is one of the most useful as well as decorative styles of illuminating staircases. The hardwired accent stair lights come with a dimmable switch that allows you to set the brightness of the light according to your preference.   


LED lights are so versatile that they can be used in hundreds and thousands of ways to light up a dark space while adding aesthetic value. LED lights have become a very popular home décor element indoors but many people often miss caring for their garden, stairs, and outdoor areas of their property. But, you should know, these spaces too need proper lighting and a welcoming ambiance just like the internal space of your home. Be it for lighting purposes or for decorating purposes, you should not miss these important areas of your home.  


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