Looking for a Washable Rug? We Put Tumble and Ruggable Head to Head

November 11, 2022



Searching for the perfect washable rug takes more planning and research than you may think. You’ll no doubt fall in love with certain rugs at first sight only to recoil at the price or discover a hidden flaw that makes you think twice; that’s why you must approach your search with a proven framework to guide you toward the perfect rug.


Today, we’re comparing the two biggest washable rug brands head to head–Tumble and Ruggable–so that you strike gold the first time and save some cash in the process.

Tumble: What You Need to Know

Tumble, a relative newcomer to the world of washable rugs, has made a name for itself with lovely traditional designs and exceptional quality. Here’s what you need to know about Tumble, including the pros and cons.

Construction and Quality

Unlike ornamental home decor pieces, a rug must be beautiful and functional. Tumble seems to understand this better than other washable rug companies, and this commitment to quality is reflected as soon as you unroll your first rug.


Each set comes with a rug plus a puzzle-piece arrangement of cushions on which the rug is set. Based on our experience, all components seem durable, heavy, and built to last, with no early signs of fraying or curling at the edges.

Spill and Stain Resistance

Many companies claim to make washable rugs, but few have the proprietary “spillproof” technology that Tumble brings to the table. Whether you spill water, cola, or even dreaded red wine, the liquid beads up instantly and wipes away with ease (as shown in the image above from Tumble’s website). We’ve put our Tumble rugs to the test and have been pleasantly surprised by the results.


This attribute doesn’t mean your Tumble rug won’t require cleaning on occasion, but this spillproof standard will save you a lot of time and hassle long term.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning your washable rug should be simple, and this is where Tumble shines. Because the rug is not attached to the rug pad with a velcro-like material, it’s easy to remove the rug from the puzzle-piece rug pad. Additionally, the cushioned segments of the rug pad are smooth and don’t collect debris, unlike velcro or other porous surfaces.

Cost, Service, and More

In our experience, Tumble goes above and beyond for its customers, making them the best in the biz for service and support. They offer free “Ask a Designer” design consultations, in addition to a nifty augmented reality feature, which allows you to easily visualize any of their rugs in your room.

The average cost of a Tumble rug is also lower than the market average, meaning you get more rug for your money. To top it all off, they offer free shipping and returns on all orders within the contiguous US.

Ruggable: What You Need to Know

As one of the veteran brands in the washable rugs marketplace, Ruggable is known for its tremendous selection and big-name partnerships with brands like Disney. Here’s our take on Ruggable and how they stack up.

Construction and Quality

Ruggable has been in the game for a while and delivers on quality for the most part. They offer a variety of rug materials, including everything from chenille, to plush, to shag and jute options. The one issue that customers report is a lack of density and weight to the rug covers, which makes the rug difficult to lay flat without heavy furniture on top to weigh it down.


Some users also report dissatisfaction with the standard rug pad’s cushioning, or lack thereof. Ruggable does offer an upgraded cushioned rug pad option, but this comes with a hefty upcharge.

Spill and Stain Resistance

The Ruggable claim to fame is a “stain-resistant” cover for all its products, which is certainly better than most traditional rugs. However, this left us fairly unimpressed as liquids tend to seep into the surface almost immediately, so you might do more scrubbing than you wish.

Cleaning Process

To clean one of Ruggable’s rug covers, just run a standard wash and dry cycle. However, removing the rug from the rug pad can be frustrating due to the fact that they are fastened together with a velcro-like material. In addition, if you’ve ever tried to clean velcro, you know it’s both labor-intensive and time-consuming.


Pet owners may not be happy to discover that much of the Ruggable pad is basically a magnet for fur and hair. Cleaning these rug pads is certainly possible, but it will take more time on average.

Cost, Service, and More

Being one of the larger companies in the washable rugs space, you might expect Ruggable to offer better prices. However, costs remain relatively high on the site, possibly due to pricey partnerships.


Furthermore, the company charges customers for returns and doesn’t offer interior decoration consultations as Tumble does. This lack of assistance leaves much to be desired for first-time renters and homeowners who are looking for some professional insights online.


Overall, Ruggable receives strong reviews for quality and value, but be sure to get both sides of the story and consider below-average customer experiences.

Wrap-Up: Which Rugs Are Best?

It’s a clash of the washable rug titans with Tumble and Ruggable, as both brands have their own set of strengths. While Ruggable is revered for its unmatched selection and name recognition, we’ve found that Tumble exceeds expectations in the most important metrics, including cost, quality, service, and overall long-term satisfaction.


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