Mecatos Cafe and Bakery

November 14, 2022

About Mecatos Business

If you are searching for breakfast near me, Mecatos Cafe & Bakery is a modern Cafe with a new concept typically from Colombia that offers delicious and highly sought-after pastries, and fried and baked foods in a modern, relaxed, and elegant setting. You can dine in and spend special time with your loved ones combined with one of their great coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, and hot chocolate. Their main goal is to establish a brand that will be acknowledged for its commitment to providing customers with a unique and unforgettable experience every time they will try an item listed on its menu. They are the best Colombian coffee shop in Orlando. They sell the best beef empanadas, cheesecake, Roscommon and bread, pan de Bono, and the best specialty coffee in Orlando.

Their Specialty

Mecatos Cafe & Bakery uses specialty coffee originated and made in Colombia for both single and blended-origin coffee. Specialty coffee means its highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their maximum potential flavor by natural crafters and brewed well that adhered to SCAA-developed standards. Specialty coffee in the green bean state is also known as coffee that has a distinctive character in the cup with no defects having a score of 80 or more if graded based on the standards set by SCAA.


Their locations are in Mecatos Waterford Lakes, Mecatos Lake Underhill, Mecatos Downtown, and Mecatos Lake Nona. in Orlando, Florida. Soon they will open another branch in Mecatos Ocoee, Mecatos Metrowest, and Mecatos Hansel Avenue.

The Ambiance of The Cafe

Mecatos Cafe is amazingly located in a compact and stylish space. You will not be bored in their modern and energetic environment while you drink your favorite coffee and have a taste of their delicious snacks and breakfast.

What Should Customers Except?

If you want the taste of Colombian pastries and special coffee, then Mecatos Cafe and Bakery is the perfect taste for you. If you are looking for breakfast near me, you must try Mecatos Cafe. They offer the best breakfast in Orlando, Florida with their cozy and modern environment plus employees who are customer-friendly and always ready to provide the best service with their delicious snack products.

The Food Items They Offer

Specialty Coffee

They proudly serve Colombian specialty coffee. and guaranteed fresh with over 25 beverages to choose from. They offer Combo snacks and coffee drinks like Combo 4 Empanadas plus Drink Combo Mayorca Sandwich + Drink, Arepa Combo plus drink, Croissant Combo compose of ham, eggs, cheese plus drink, Combo hotdog plus drink, Combo 4 pan de bonos plus drink.

Hot Bites

They offer a variety of hot bites such as Stuffed Arepas, Empanadas, Colombian Hot Dogs, and Breakfast Sandwiches. Sample of their hot bites are empanadas, hotdogs, Mayorca sandwiches, croissants, bacon, and salads.

Pastries and Desserts

Over 50 varieties of bread, Pan De Bono, Pastries, and Cakes. All made from scratch in-house!

Why Should Customers Visit?

Mecatos is always the best source of Colombian coffee breakfast & bakery in Orlando, Florida. Aside from its best offerings of special and truly fresh cups of coffee, they also have the best-skilled baristas and high-tech equipment they used.


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