Motion graphics vs. animation: what’s the difference?

November 7, 2022


How would you define the difference between motion graphics and animation? Did you know here is a thin line between the two? Some people fail to perceive how exactly motion graphics differs from animation. But you are not going to be from them!

Motion graphics is one of the forms of animation. While the animation is a group of similar techniques to motion graphics. Both the techniques have core importance in established industries of the world and around us.

Motion graphics includes graphical objects or characters that move. Now, these graphical objects can be animated too. Motion graphics lack a profuse use of storytelling unlike animation and pertinent forms.

People use these terms because they are identical. But it is important to know about major discriminations among these art forms. So that a beginner can seek their answers from this discussion with ease.

This article will lead you to explore motion graphics and how it varies from other art forms. Besides, you will learn about appropriate use cases for executing motion graphics and animation for different projects.

How do you define motion graphics?

Motion graphics is much more subtle than animation. You always experience it but never pay heed to motion graphics. A website that has moving graphical bars depicts motion graphics.

A logo that takes a spin and changes into something else is also motion graphics. This technique includes even animations that have movements. For this reason, it's called motion graphics.

Motion graphics is not bound to any motive. Instead, it blends with the motive. There might be many reasons that entice you to replace motion graphics with infographics but it might be not a wise choice.

You see motion graphics can amend itself for any other art form it combines with. For instance, if you include animation with motion graphics, it will give rise to a new form. This makes motion graphics interesting to consider.

But there are some important factors that are enough to make you fall in love with some motion graphics. Motion graphics have the ability to stand alone and for that, you need to check out the next section.

What are the abilities of motion graphics?

By far, you know that motion graphics has a great ability to blend. But that’s not it. In this debate, you will inspect some pointers that make motion graphics inevitable for your projects.

Besides only blending in, motion graphics transform intensity to a mild product. You can share motion graphics with everyone. Since these are responsive in nature, you can enjoy them on big and small screens in a feasible way.

Now it's time to dig deeper into the strengths of motion graphics!

Compelling Nature: Motion graphics are sufficient to make dull content compelling. Since everyone these days loves to get intrigued. Motion graphics does it for your business.

Easy Access: The motion graphics projects are not hard to spread around. You can make more people fall in love with them by easy sharing. The responsive element is what makes them prepared to share all the time.

Catalyze Brand Awareness: If you are a brand, motion graphics will make you familiar. People who interact with motion graphics sales videos or ad campaigns are more likely to know about you. It means motion graphics work wonders to expedite brand awareness.

Subtle Illustration: Motion graphics is a subtle way to become a visual representation of different factors. If someone fills a submission form on your website incorrectly then motion graphics can help them rectify their mistakes that instant. It gives them this sense by acting as a visual help.

Good Attention Graber: Motion graphics are impressive for every industry. No matter what kind of domain you are in, motion graphics does its magic by blending. So that your digital product can become irresistible and never cease to grab attention as well.

What does animation mean?

Animation has been existing for about 50 to 100 years. It houses several art techniques like CGI, claymation, motion graphics, and others. Let’s put it this way.

Any art method that can move a stationary digital object is animation. Numerous sub-categories of animation have the ability to do it for the brands. Animation like motion graphics can be achieved in different ways.

One can use motion graphics by drawing them or CGI can prove to be helpful in this aspect. In general cases, CGI is a recommended way to acquire desired results while working with motion graphics.

How motion graphics is different from other art forms?

Content is what is the biggest discriminator of motion graphics from other existing art forms. Motion graphics only move textual content, and abstracts as per their job. Anything other than this is not motion graphics but animation.

It means the type of content you are using motion graphics has a huge place in the entire determination. If you want to move a web design then it's animation. But if you funnel it down to a deeper level then it's motion graphics which is a sub-form of animation.

Average price range of motion graphics

Motion graphics are more affordable than animation. A 3D animation’s price would extend up to $20,000 but motion graphics make a considerable price range if you need them in your marketing projects.

The motion graphics cost for different projects ranges from $20 to $150. This cost can intensify to $330 if the projects are large-scale for production.

When to execute animation and motion graphics?

You are now well aware of the fact that you cannot use motion graphics and animation everywhere. There are some definite factors that determine the right place to use the two.

There have been many cases that show that the wrong use of motion graphics and animation can lead to adverse impacts. The results might be dispiriting as well. Plus, the investment can incur a big loss if the collateral impact goes sideways.

To not let this happen, let’s see when you can execute animation and motion graphics with no fear.

For motion graphics:

Motion graphics is the most viable when used according to their nature. Below are some important cases when motion graphics can unleash their true potential for your brand.

Highlighting Facts: Motion graphics is an effective method to implement when facts are important. The method is important to consider when highlighting facts and emphasizing a point that matters in a campaign or for a brand’s awareness.

Simplifying Concepts: Motion graphics are fascinating to break down intensive concepts. So that the audience can understand with convenience. The blending ability of motion graphics changes the complexity of concepts in a much perceivable manner.

For animation:

Animation has its own perks that function positively for its use cases. You can learn from different giants that know the appropriate strategy to execute animation for their projects.

Following are two important cases in which animation performs with excellence no matter the magnitude of the concepts.

Storytelling: Animation makes storytelling a nostalgic experience for the audience. The technique is important when you are focusing on boosting brand awareness with the help of storytelling.

Animation also sheds light on the campaigns to touch the hearts of the viewership to persuade them to CTA. Making a smooth pathway, animation performs in multiple ways in your favor.

Expensive Production: Animation is a worthy method to go for when production is high end. In most cases, large scale productions include animated content and other functions. This technique is expensive and a promising one. Animated content is viable for enhancing the results for such premium projects.

Parting Words

Motion graphics and animation is a long debate. But the fruits rendered by both the methods are no less. A brand has to be careful while going for one of either of the options. But you are now on the safer side after exploring this discussion.

The techniques have their cons at the same time. This might create a rift in organic performance of a brand. This discussion was for making you aware of the prime cases of using motion graphics and animation.

These use cases are sufficient for differentiating motion graphics and animation. So that you can consider the best technique for your projects to dodge any setback in future.

An animation studio like BuzzFlcik deeply knows this difference. For this reason, they are a leading brand in the domain of motion graphics services. The company houses professional teams for quality production of such expertise. Plus, you would love their 3D animation portfolio present on the official website.


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