NFC Business Cards: The New Age Business Cards

November 24, 2022

Why type everything countless times when you can just swipe right away?

Okay, we will come to that later. Now the thing is, the world runs on money. And the game of business is closely related to technology. And probably this is why new advances in the tech world always reflect in the world of commerce first.

A new addition to that never-ending list is NFC business cards.

NFC business cards: what are these things?

NFC stands for Near-Field Communication. This is one of the most advanced wireless communication technologies that use radio frequency to interact with the devices in a close range (within 4 cm or less), usually with the help of an in-built microchip that can hold bytes of data. Thus NFC business cards are a type of smart card communicating with a sensor or receiver device that helps to share your business info just with a single tap, all at once instantly.

Sounds sci-fi? Not anymore.

With apps available to enter and edit info, the accessibility level here is pretty high. Just anyone with a smartphone can handle these user-friendly cards. And matched with a streamlined, smooth performance level, these NFC business cards might be the best new gadget you should include in your company arsenal.

How to use NFC business cards?

  • Take the card, hold it close to the sensor, or tap it on an NFC-enabled smartphone. Place your card below the phone, as that's where the NFC sensors are installed.
  • The sensor will detect the card instantly, and an on-screen dialogue box will appear, asking you to choose the desired action, like opening the company URL, shooting a mail, or dialing the saved business number. Also, the whole info gets saved to your phone simultaneously.

Advantages of NFC business cards:

NFC cards are no gimmick. A recent study (2019) by GlobalNewsWire reported that the Global NFC Business Card market size was expected to reach US$ 33 million by 2028, from US$ 17 million in 2021, at a growth rate of 9.9% during 2022-2028. That proves its worth.

Take a look at the unique advantages it offers:

  • Enjoy contactless payments and the fastest possible communication with real-time sync.
  • End-to-end encrypted, least chance of fraud, security breaches, and sensitive data leak
  • Be it your car, company server, plant security system, or net banking, forget to carry that stack of cards and keys for each. One NFC chip solves everything and works everywhere. That's magic!
  • As an entrepreneur, get total control over your employees' data usage and sharing. With a single click in the monitoring app, you can edit as you wish and give access to the whole team when needed. No meetings or briefings, a simple central gear. That's what NFC is.
  • Also, easy to use. That tiny piece calmly sits in the corner of your pocket or money bag and still manages to store much more info than traditional paper cards.

Where to get an NFC business card?


So you've made up your mind and are looking for somewhere to buy these cards now. Don't go to the departmental store and avoid online shopping merchants like Amazon if you don't want to invest money on some cheap, unreliable duplicate things that might look like NFC but don't deliver the performance.

What's the way?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Google it, and plenty of professional digital farms offer all-around smart solutions for your business with physical NFC business cards, tags, stickers, pop sockets, fobs, smart buttons, and even key rings too!

Most brands offer you a package including multiple NFC accessories for you and your employees and their official application to control it.

You may opt for a plastic-coated or metal finish card, choose customized colors and design templates from their catalogs, and put your business logo on the card. In addition, most vendors offer you an option to design your own card from scratch.

Since you'll be dealing with a variety of customers, some of whom might be using older smartphones without NFC compatibility, we suggest getting multiple options enabled by NFC business cards where the data can be accessed simply by scanning the QR code.

Still, having trouble? A bit confused?

Here is an excellent blog guiding you through a few of the best NFC business cards available in the market, discussed in detail with their pros and cons.

And as you reach here, you've also got the answer to that question we asked in the beginning, right?

Wait no more! Get into the ride! Order your NFC business cards today!



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