NFL Player Teddy Williams Jr. Chooses ArmRLite Modern Garage Doors

November 7, 2022


ArmRLite Garage Doors, Inc. is proud to announce that National Football League player Teddy Williams, Jr. has selected the company's Titan® series of garage doors for his newly built Texas home. The ArmRLite Titan series of garage doors feature symmetrical rails and stiles, natural light, and add luxurious durability to the home, equipped with a six-car garage to house the athlete's Extreme Build 2022 Super Duty F-250 Platinum truck and Chevy Impala.

When Teddy Williams, Jr. was looking for a luxury mid-century modern door to complement the new home he was building in Plano, Texas, he said he found the perfect match in ArmRLite Garage Doors. "I wanted something of quality that would last a long time and look good with my other décor," said the NFL player. "ArmRLite is well known for its luxury, durable, customizable garage doors and has a well earned reputation as an industry leader.”

Williams' new ArmRLite Titan® garage door includes curb appeal with sleek glass/windows and panels that provide optimum curb appeal. The garage door's contemporary design enhances the appearance of the home's exterior, and its contemporary surface, sturdy structure, and weather-proofing make it ideal for outdoor use, too. The distinctive features of the ArmRLite luxury residential garage doors include advanced noise reduction technology, clean lines, safety sensors with energy efficiency, and an innovative gear drive system for effortless, smooth operation for a modern home.

Not only did ArmRLite deliver with their classic new garage door and light-duty hardware (steel, aluminum), but it has an array of available options, which enabled Teddy to customize it to match the rest of his wood doors.

ArmRLite Titan modern garage doors can be manufactured up to 24’-2" wide to suit various applications. Teddy Williams' beautiful modern garage door makes a strong statement outside his home - and he's very proud of it!

ArmRLite President Shannon McGrady said, "Customizable ArmRLite Titan® garage doors are the perfect finishing touch for NFL player Teddy Williams, Jr.'s new home. The stylish, durable hinged overhead doors protect Teddy's Extreme Build 2022 Super Duty F-250 Platinum truck and a Chevy Impala and make a great first impression."

ArmRLite Industry-leading Warranties

In an age where appearance is everything, it's difficult for the public to separate fact from fiction. Unless consumers can see, touch, feel, and test product performance, they are limited to customer reviews and company claims as a basis for their product purchases. With this in mind, ArmRLite Garage Doors, Inc. (ArmRLite) works hard to establish itself as a leader in providing quality garage doors and garage door services. ArmRLite customers enjoy industry-leading warranties on all the products installed by the company - including automatic garage door openers. ArmRLite offers lifetime parts and unlimited labor warranty on all of its products. ArmRLite provides a lifetime limited warranty on its modern garage doors.

In an industry often dominated by large corporate entities, ArmRLite is proud to be a small business that operates with a level of integrity and personal service that is often absent from larger companies.

A Standard for Excellence

ArmRLite Garage Doors, Inc. sets the standard for excellence in custom garage door manufacturing. In fact, ArmRLite's slogan, "Luxurious Durability," is more than just a marketing tool; it is the philosophy that guides everything we do. That's why our products are sold exclusively by showrooms and distributors who have attained our proficiency level.

Integrity, Honesty, and Attention to detail

ArmRLite is also known for its integrity, honesty, and attention to detail. Over the years, Arm-RLite has taken great care of its customers. ArmRLite takes pride in its record of standing behind its modern garage doors 100%. ArmRLite is proud to be a family-owned and operated business with the same level of personal service provided at the business's beginning. Ask anyone who has had an Arm-R-Lite new garage door installed, and they will tell you that they received a top-quality and modern garage product within their budget and top-quality service.

About Teddy Williams

Teddy Williams Jr. is a former professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys, and he's also a huge fan of modern garage doors. When he was growing up, Teddy didn't have a modern garage—he had an attached two-car garage with a separate door that opened into his house. It was always too hot or cold to go outside, so he didn't use it much. But now that Teddy has a beautiful new home with a modern garage door by ArmRLite, he's loving every minute of opening up his space and getting some fresh air whenever he wants! "It's so nice to come home after practice and just hang out with my family," says Teddy. "The garage is my favorite place in the whole house."

Teddy loves how easy it is to open his contemporary garage door with ArmRLite remote controls, which are perfect for keeping track of what's going on inside without having to go inside yourself. And because they're custom-built for Teddy's specific needs (to protect his Extreme Build 2022 Super Duty F-250 Platinum truck and his adorable Chevy Impala vehicle), there's no other option for such luxurious entrance solutions that make good sense.

He explained why: "The quality is amazing—it's top-notch stuff! I love how easy it was to install; no screws or drilling required."

About ArmRLite

ArmRLite Garage Doors, Inc. is a factory-direct luxury door manufacturer of premium wood and steel carriage house garage doors. It's time to upgrade your garage door.

With a new garage door, you can create the perfect entrance and insulation for your home and property. Whether you're looking for a traditional look or mid century modern, ArmRLite Garage Doors has the perfect solution!

We offer a wide variety of elegant entrance solutions that make good sense. For example, our glass block panels can be customized to give your entryway a unique look by adding glass block panels or a decorative aluminum column, creating the perfect garage of your dreams!

We offer insulated doors that are great for keeping out cold air in the winter months and warm air in the summer months. We also offer traditional steel roll-up doors and opening systems that allow you to open from either side of the doorway at once! Our insulated steel doors also come in materials, elements, and styles, such as vertical and horizontal openers, so you can choose which is best suited for your needs.

We also offer all homeowners free maintenance and sale prices on our products. If you're looking to purchase garage door materials or modern garage doors ,visit ArmRLite Garage Doors showrooms today! To learn more about ArmRLite visit


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