Outdoor deck lighting design ideas and designs

November 4, 2022

The deck is an outdoor gathering spot for you, your family, and your friends. We may relax on the composite decking or lay out in the sun during the day. However, if there is no outdoor deck lighting at night, you must return inside.

Slipping is more likely in the dark, and strolling in the middle of the night can be hazardous. Bright floodlights or porch lights can be used to illuminate your outdoor space. Ideas for soft decking lighting will fix the problem. You can keep your family safe by providing enough light. Still maintaining the tranquillity of a gorgeous night sky.

So, employ fantastic outdoor deck lighting ideas and designs to transform your deck into a magical outdoor living environment. We can still enjoy the outdoors at night thanks to low-voltage deck lighting. We have several outdoor deck lighting solutions that will make your home more beautiful, safe, and secure. It may also allow you to spend more time outside.

Composite Decking Lighting

There are several low-voltage choices for lighting your composite decking. Deck lights should be placed in the corners of your deck or near steps and seats. Adding light and brightness beneath your composite decking stairs or composite railings will help you find your way at night and bring attention to areas of your deck that you might otherwise overlook.

Ideas for Outdoor Deck Lighting

Low-voltage deck lighting solutions, also known as deck posts lights, deck railing lighting, and recessed lighting, can assist you in creating the nighttime backyard atmosphere you desire for your house. Alternatively, keep your outside deck bright with solar deck lights that are excellent for the environment, inexpensive, and emit little carbon.


Composite deck lighting on the steps

You can generate a soft glow and make your deck safer at night by installing lights on the risers and treads of your composite deck steps. Stair lighting and step lighting can be used to illuminate places where people walk, such as steps and walkways. LED stair and step lights for indoor and outdoor use can help you and your family feel safer. Choose between a complete stair lighting system and a one-of-a-kind step deck lighting design for the ideal addition to your outdoor lighting space.

Decorations on light strings

During the holidays, do you only use LED lights on strings? Certainly not! Hanging deck lights or string lights in various colors can add a festive vibe to your composite deck space.

String lights are simple to install and provide a fashionable touch to an outdoor deck. This is due to the fact that LED deck lights may be installed practically everywhere there is an electrical outlet. Ideal for any deck lighting job you undertake on your own.

String lights have the disadvantage of breaking more readily and not lasting as long as other types of lighting. They wear out faster than other options.


The majority of star-shaped lights are string or hanging candles that offer ambiance to a small dinner party or other special event. String lights along the wall of a dining area to create something very spectacular. Starlights take this theme even further, creating a creative and one-of-a-kind outdoor experience.

Deck lighting that is recessed

Recessed deck lighting is the way to go if you have composite decking with a roof over it. Because they are shielded from the elements, they do not require as much cleaning. Columns that match your composite decking boards are used to support recessed lighting that emit light. These compact lights are flush fitted on your deck to improve the appearance of your outdoor living area.

Post cap lighting

Deck cap lights are a wonderful method to accidentally light up your deck. Deck lights are available at most home improvement stores and online. They are available in both LED and solar versions. Low voltage post cap lights can be turned on and off with a switch or programmed to a specific brightness and duration. Without the need of energy, white solar post cap lights may give safety and beauty to your outdoor space at night. Reduce your energy expenditures and installation time while maintaining the brightness of your deck's post caps.

Deck lighting beneath the railing

To create a soothing glow, place solar or LED lights under your deck railings. Deck railing lights allow you to showcase your deck even after the sun has set. Installing lights on or under the railing will provide adequate lighting and illuminate the route.

Outdoor Lighting

Remember that adding landscape lighting to other areas of your walkway, garden, or yard might also be beneficial. Landscape lighting is available in a variety of energy-efficient designs and styles, such as spotlights, wall lights, and path lights, which may brighten your evenings and open up your favorite outdoor locations.

Lighting beneath the deck

Ceiling fans with lights should be installed if your composite decking is over a balcony. They look fantastic and, together with the light and ventilation, make this area even more functional. If this composite deck board has a space to hang out beneath it, this is an excellent location for under-deck lights.

Pergola illumination

In the rafters of a composite pergola or gazebo, you can install solar-powered LED lights. Deck lights suspended from the ceiling highlight the building's design. Your deck will be the talk of the town at night with lights on the sides. These lights are fastened to the sides of your posts and shine to guide your family.


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